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  1. As of November 15th, I have seen 10 Gilligs at the Santa Ana base, which 2106 and 2113 is now trackable on Transee
  2. 8/21/22 Update: 2101 has gone back to Livermore to receive a new end on June 29. 2102 has been spotted at the Gillig factory which it’s missing the front lights
  3. Updates: On the 6th, 5511 was used last on the 43, and 5509 was last used on the 53, not sure if they are retired yet
  4. After 2 months of sitting in Santa Ana yard, 5569 is back in revenue service seen on the 66 today and the 1 yesterday 5647 is at the Sand Canyon base doing routes there while 5643, 5644 and 5646 have been transferred back to Anaheim base
  5. 7/15/22 UPDATE: Some BRAVO buses have now had their Bravo decals removed and have the OC Bus decals applied. The change has applied to these units: 5551, 5552, 7585, 7586, 7587 Also heard that Gillig 2101 has been sent to Livermore to receive a new front end
  6. Ah ok I thought they were not going to be brought back (at least the express routes) but I’m glad they are thinking about bringing them back!
  7. UPDATE 6/29/22: Gillig Low Floor Plus #2101 on Transsee seems to be heading North on the I-5. Does anyone have any reason to where it’s going?
  8. June 2022 update: Routes 167 and 178 have now been transferred to In House operations which before was operated by First Transit. A planned BRAVO route 553 will start in October 543 starting in July will not operate on weekends Express routes will NOT be brought back Bus Updates: OCTA will have 10 battery electric buses (XE40s) by the end of 2022. Regarding the Gilligs only the pilot unit is in service. No update on when they will be delivered
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