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  1. 18001 on the 418 this PM peak. 18060 on the 100 this afternoon. 150 is all RapidBus today.
  2. Are the front roof hatches on the 2018 Novas electronically controlled by the drivers? I’m sitting in the jump seat of one now and I swear there was some kind of electronic-like sound and the hatch opened on its own.
  3. I don’t think CMBC is going to hold on to the Novas for 20+ years like they did with the D40LFs. According to their documents conventional buses are usually kept for about 17 years if I’m not mistaken, so I’d expect to see some air conditioned 40-footers at BTC by around 2024, hopefully earlier though.
  4. Thanks again, and I apologize for my ignorance on the name that led to some confusion as well as my overall pigheadedness that I still need to work on.
  5. Ah, thank you for correcting me. I will refer to it as “Next Bus” from now on to avoid confusion. When the overall Next Bus system is down or buggy (like it appears to be now), would it make sense to post about it here or under General Sightings as it does go beyond the T-Comm website?
  6. I’m not talking about the guy who runs the T-Comm website, so don’t even start putting words in my mouth. The entire system that TransLink uses isn’t working. T-Comm is the name of a website, yes, but as far as my knowledge goes it is also the name of TransLink’s bus tracking system (if I’m wrong then correct me because I believe TMAC is separate). Go onto the Radar app (or any other third-party app) right now and put in “49” or “84,” nothing comes up. Search for other routes and only a couple buses show up, including buses that are currently sitting in the yards. This is TRANSLINK’s problem, not the third-parties who provide overall better tracking services. I could care less if you don’t “appreciate” the “snarky commentary” and I’m not apologizing for your misunderstanding. That’s what I’m referring to.
  7. Doesn’t mean their servers should be getting progressively worse as time goes on.
  8. To pretty much no one’s surprise on this forum, T-Comm is down again! Yay! I swear, since they reactivated T-Comm back in Spring 2021 after the December 2020 cyberattack, T-Comm’s reliability got worse. There’s often blips of downtime at around noon and it’s been going down more lately. Sure, the last time it went down was because of the Rogers thing, but none of the other times before that were due to Rogers.
  9. 21010, 21013, 21020, and 21024 on the 8 today. 21022 on the 10.
  10. Has it always been there? I don’t remember that switch being there. Then again, I’ve never seen a bus turn left from NB Granville to WB Pender, and I also don’t pay too much attention to the wires aside from the constant clacking of trolley poles going through the switches and crossovers.
  11. Burrard to Davie is doable with trolleys, but there’s no left-turn switch from Granville to Pender, so either they’re going to be pulling down the poles or they’re swapping vehicles later.
  12. Why does HTC need one? There’s always RapidBuses sitting around no matter what time of day you go by there. I can understand BTC with the slight 99 B-Line shortage due to the construction and even STC with their limited non-RapidBus artics for the 503, but not HTC with their surplus RapidBus units.
  13. Now it’s back in service. I’m not sure if it actually BOed or if something happened at Main Street Station that caused the driver to kick everyone out.
  14. 21008, 21009, 21011, and 21012 on the 3 all day today. I’m just going to assume my feedback had something to do with these full-day runs because I don’t think a single VTC XDE60 has ended up on a peak-only trolley block since the introduction of the 21000s, and I specifically asked for them to be assigned on “select all-day blocks” during hot summer days.
  15. Did we not just go through this last year?
  16. 21010 and 21016 on the 20 all day today. 21011 and 21019 on the 10 as well.
  17. I believe you can, there should be an option that says something along the lines of “use this Compass Card” on the payment selection screen if I’m not mistaken. If your card has insufficient funds then I believe it will be crossed off in red on the selection screen. I know there are plans for TransLink to eventually roll out some kind of app in the coming years, what it’ll allow users to do is anyone’s guess at this point in time.
  18. Yeah, if you take the bus before obtaining a Compass Card, just ask the driver if you can pay at the SkyTrain and they’ll usually say yes. Paper bus tickets are not compatible with the Compass system and will cause you to pay another fare in order to access the SkyTrain, SeaBus, or West Coast Express.
  19. What happened to the rest of the 2021 shuttles? Are they even built yet?
  20. Interesting, I did send a feedback request a couple weeks ago asking them to book out the XDE60s on select all-day blocks for the articulated trolley routes since service on the 84 has been reduced for the summer and there’s no point letting A/C buses sit around at VTC all day while the overcrowded articulated hotboxes roam around on all-day summer blocks. I’m not saying I had anything to do with it, but if you provide detailed feedback they tend to listen more, or perhaps some of the VTC drivers finally complained.
  21. I’m surprised as well considering Monday was the hottest day of the week and the artic trolley routes got nothing in terms of A/C.
  22. 21013, 21016, and 21019 on the 8. 21017 on the 3. All full-day blocks. Is there an E60LFR shortage or are the book-out folks being generous with the A/C?
  23. Make that four full-day runs: 21008, 21009, 21012, and 21021.
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