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    Somewhere in Burlington, Ontario.
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    Buses, Trains, Autism, Burlington Transit, Paper Bus Making, Roblox, D40LFs, Powertrains!

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Heyo! I'm DiltonPlayz.


I'm a little bit different than a regular transit fanner. I have Autism and ADHD, so I may talk a lot and spam threads, so I am sorry if I do. Hope all is forgiven if I did anything wrong, we can become friends! :)

 I live in Burlington. I busfan a lot and train fan sometimes. I record videos and take photos! I own a Roblox Transit Group, I have discord, I run a YouTube channel with 200 Subscribers, I even help people out on here sometimes!

I am different than some people, having autism and... just being different. Sometimes, people do not understand what it is like to have autism or stuff.. it's hard for me because I am made fun of constantly everywhere I go.. I was just looking for a place that I could be understood and welcomed. I want everyone to have fun, not struggle to make friends, or even, just chat about buses. Sure, we may be different, but what matters is that we're all human.

 "Even if you fail, you'll always be able to suceed." - DiltonPlayzYT, 2022.

I love the following buses/trains/things/animals:

Cats: My cat Tanke, my neighbour's cat, Mickey, basically any cat in the world! :D

Buses: Burlington Transit 7011-09, Any New Flyer D40LF, MiWay 2003 D40LFs, D40LFRs, XD40s, any New Flyer Industries bus

Trains: GO Transit MP40PH-3C 611, GO Transit 1989 Can Car Rail Bi-Level Cab Car 221, Any Bombardier T1.

Things/Activities I like to do: Garden, Play with my paperbuses, watch buses go by, read comic books, read Ride Guides, make Maps, make schedules, make games, Play Roblox, Try to Enjoy Life and many other things! 


Screenshot 2022-06-04 16.43.49.png<-- A photo of me and my friend Neoplan in my roblox game, Burlington Transit Authority.

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