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  2. I know, but WHERE in Hamilton?
  3. Can we get back to topic, please?!
  4. At this point, I've been wondering where 7048-10 could be.. I have NO ABSOLUTE IDEA where it could be, as when I was at the garage a few weeks ago, it wasn't there. It hasn't ran for over 3 months now. No idea where it is, I think it could be retired or be somewhere else in the GTA, anyone seen it? I checked Transsee and it says 7048 hasn't ran since June 10th.
  5. Well, there goes the last Orion VI in Canada... Press F to pay respects.
  6. Wow, Lisa LaFlamme (well known CTV news anchor) - got fired... https://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/bell-media-lisa-laflamme-regret-workplace-review-1.6556090 Bro, this sucks. I'm sad.
  7. Good job! I think I have some old photos I like a lot, mostly all of these better than all my previous or current photos! Almost all of them Featuring my model Halifax Transit D40LFs and a photo or two with ONE of the last Orion VIs in Canada before it retired! Seen is some Ex TTC Orion VIIs too. One of them is a wrap I did on one of my HT buses because my neighbor was moving to Halifax, so I gave her that. (All taken in Sault Ste. Marie and Goulais River, Ontario on Lake Superior!
  8. True. Besides, look how LONG the D40LFs have lasted? 19-20 years?! They're impressive..
  9. I believe so. If they're MiExpress, then yeah. I believe MiWay's minium for retiring artics is 10 years or 12 years. So yeah, they'll retire. The D60LFRs are awesome ngl. The seats are so COMFY!!
  10. I saw a Thomas C2, 2021 unit here in Burlington, Ontario. #NCM9272
  11. I doubt there are any retirements happening at this point.
  12. Eh, I got LOADS of connections at BT. Speaking of which, when I was at the garage to pick the plaque up, I went to 7011-09 and saw it in the yard. I pressed the hazards switch, it worked and 7011 was coming back to life. So yes, I believe 7011 is gonna go to an auction or another city.
  13. Well, my guess is that I would think the first few buses are being produced atm.
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