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  1. I got note from a friend that 7052-10 is MIA and 7006-09 is retired.
  2. 1106 has not been out since its break down in March, but I swear I saw 1106 the day after it broke down running on a route that I did not know of, but I also did not know that 1103 was out of action.
  3. We will find out in a few days on Oakville Transit's website probably.
  4. Thanks for updating us on what's happening to 8107 and other LFR's.
  5. Late night service returning that's awesome after 2 years.
  6. Oh jeez 8107 is not returning, well #7106 and #7107 are still holding up nicely which is brilliant.
  7. I have a question about 8107, is it gonna return at some point?
  8. That looks like a nice bus, Oakville Transit did a good job wrapping 1903.
  9. It would look good on the XD40's and D40LFR's as well.
  10. I noticed 1903 near White oaks secondary school, it looked nice.
  11. Yeah I heard the first electric buses are gonna possibly be for the Cara van services and on demand services, this is very big news for the fleet this year.
  12. Never seen a Vicinity being towed before this is a rare sighting, looks like it broke down. I know that's weird, I have been noticing that as well, that is Oakville Transit for you.
  13. So I see 7107 is back on the road, but there is still no sign of 8107, good thing 7107 survived the repairs.
  14. Well its nice that the route 190 River Oaks Express is coming back, this is the first for it being in service ever since March 2020.
  15. I caught a 2008 D40LFR bus on the 26 this morning, is the 26 back to running 40 foot buses in the morning now?
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