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  1. Oh right. The D40LF was three years old when the garage opened, but #7400 did not come until late 2002 when the rest of the fleet came in by the start of 2003.
  2. 999 seems to replicate the former 139 except it gets extended to Morningside Heights. I just said a while back Lansdowne should get night service again along with Weston Road should should get them as well.
  3. Are there any routes that still have the "STN" on them as opposed to "STATION"? 53 and 86 have not changed their signage while the 12 updated its signage.
  4. Scarborough had the Orion VIIs delivered after the turn of the century and was the first bus model stationed at the New Eglinton garage after it opened. It's worth interesting zero emissions buses can also work all routes in the Line 3 bus network as it was envisioned to be. Come to think of it @Genius101, your grandma did hop on the 1991 V (when it was new) and the 1990 D40 (after the trade in 1995) because they had kneeling features installed on them.
  5. First route to operate the Orion VII in revenue service was the 57 MIDLAND though the 32 EGLINTON WEST at one point operated #1043, a Orion VII HEV demo out of Queensway as early as 2001.
  6. Have the TTC considered trying the OC Transpo route? They could make a deal with NovaBUS by trading in 212 Nova LFS diesel buses for the new LFSe+ with a discount in addition to the 136 buses they are ordering. This is similar to Ottawa ordering 80 D60LFRs with 226 added as replacements to 2001-04 D60LFs.
  7. Not even the local 39? They can also dispatch surplus ones and the LFS artics (if they can take some back) on the 17, 43, 57, 68, 129 during rush hours. Are there also plans to restore Artic service on the 905A as well? Where will the other batches go as well besides Arrow? Are there any buses to be displaced?
  8. #8325 is still assigned at Wilson, tracking at this moment. Not transferred to Queensway just yet unless it moved.
  9. TTC: #1618 | 132 MILNER #9407 (B), #9418 (A), #9446 (A) | 903 KENNEDY STATION-SCARBOROUGH EXPRESS
  10. In this wiki article, this makes no mention of the original #8789, per the VIN, which was unknowingly rejected by the TTC, and was returned to NovaBUS who then sold to Autobus Brunet #7004 in 2018 and still exists as Autobus Galland as unit #7176. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Autobus_Brunet_7004 Can you add a few changes @Mar_AC_23? Thank you.
  11. Speaking of Line 2... How come the TTC does not offer a parallel daytime bus service like the 97 YONGE for Line 1 and 85J SHEPPARD EAST for Line 4? Could that be possible if they extend the 113 DANFORTH to Broadview and 49 BLOOR WEST to Dundas West/Keele? Perhaps a parallel BLOOR-DANFORTH local bus running from Jane to Main Street could run every 20 minutes can also help overcrowding at Bloor-Yonge during rush hours.
  12. This is similar to the Miscellaneous TTC Discussion and Questions thread but from the 905 and GO/UPX perspective that are not discussed in their respective threads. To start with... In Brampton or GO, do they offer night service/blue night similar to the TTC? Post away!
  13. Seems #7133 didn't come yet. No wonder that bus is slacking off for a long time.
  14. Now with the number of OG VII HEVs declining and the recent installation of WiFi on the NG HEVs, could it be possible to swap a number of 15xx NG HEVs in exchange for the 72xxs between Mount Dennis and Malvern? Just a little bit curious to ask @Mar_AC_23
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