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  1. R.T.C. News Agreement reached between mechanics and the R.T.C.: An agreement has finally been reached between the mechanics and the R.T.C. Both parts (RTC and mechanics) finally decided to change the climat of the relation, in the negociations. A 3 months truce between the mechanics and the R.T.C. is now taking effect, so that means no strike possibility before March 2010 (if the conflict doesn't get solved, which should not be the case). The new Metrobus garage is now finally confirmed to open on Monday December 7th, 2009. By February 2010, the R.T.C. will have exactly 25 Novabus L.F.S. Art
  2. So you're saying that these things will not be mostly retired before summer 2010, and then we'll see another wave of massive retirements. Then it's Okay.
  3. Bus Watch 27/11/09 R.T.C.: 13: 0333, 0925, L9207 13X(Université Laval): L9504 315: L9430, L9624 I drove #L9430 on Routes #7X and #315 from 14h55 to 18h40. #L0106, L9201, L9415, L9902 were on Route #3. #L0021, L0103, L0115, L0244, 0936, L9204, L9403, L9426, L9455, L9516, L9533, L9613, L9923 were on Route #7. #L9105, L9528 were on Route #9. #L9602 was on Route #10. #L9101, L9605 were on Route #18. #L0208, L0312 were on Route #22. #L9216 was on Route #29. #L9211, L0237 were on Route #37. #L0018 was on Route #88. #L0231, L9517 were on Route #93. #L9804 was on Route #107. #0516, L
  4. Thanks, for the sightings. As of Yesterday (November 26th), I don't know if you guys noticed that it's been exactly 2 months since we are keeping track of the first gens buses. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get the official roster, so I can keep everything up to date. So Steve, in the next few days if you have a chance to get the official roster of the 1st gens, it would be great. Thanks in advance!
  5. Bus Watch 26/11/09 R.T.C.: 13: 0722, 0418, L9413 13X(Université Laval): L9507 250X: L0014 250: L0014, 0504 I drove #L9507 on Routes #13A and #13X from 05h55 to 09h15. I drove #L0014 on Routes #250 and #250X from 15h00 to 18h30.
  6. I got it exactly 1 month ago, from a SD driver, and I got another one on October 26th from SMS.
  7. The Marker lights, the one over the destination sign. I'm pretty sure he was talking about these ones.
  8. Thanks, for those! I'll be looking to #0912 and #0913.
  9. Yes, I see the differences. Well, maybe #0018 is a former accident victim and it was rebuilt...
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