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  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I didn't know that these photos were copyrighted strictly for private use. However, I have removed them from the wiki, thanks.
  2. May quit the CPTDB. Turns out posting other's pictures without permission isn't right. Bye y'all.

  3. Talking about OCTA's iShuttle!
  4. Oh, well i hope they enter service soon.
  5. Anaheim Resort Transit, the transit provider of the anaheim, and disneyland resorts! ART has recently orded K11M's, my PFP is actually #6003. I was surprised when i saw it
  6. TTC getting new buses? neat!
  7. OCTA is now buying GILLIG buses, how interesting. Sadly the C40's are going to retire soon.
  8. wowie a blurry cover photo 😱

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