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  1. Good day everyone.Has 19301 the nova lfse come out in the recent days?
  2. Hello,does anyone notice any E40LFRs and E60LFRs that don't have ads sticked or wrapped on the body?
  3. They have been putting electric buses on route 927 for about two weeks.
  4. The cleanest fuel would definitely be battery,but disposal of the batteries of electric vehicles may lead to pollution too.
  5. Right,the OG hybrids are just trash,many of them are even black smoke generators
  6. Don‘t even know that they’ve got new artics
  7. Novas were purchased later than the Orions so I think they are considered as the “clean diesels”. I wonder if they will retire the 2009-2011 Orion diesels in Wilson,the early Orion hybrid and diesels are probably due for retirement since they would have got that age then.
  8. Here the report says there will be no conventional diesels in the fleet in 2025,does it means that all the orions are retired then?
  9. Prob once the hybrids arrive and enter service. Nothing quite sure because I‘ve heard that those new buses have not started being produced yet.
  10. I believe they are going to be tested first before entering service?Is it possible for them to enter service next year?
  11. If I already had some money stored in my card,could I buy the daypass via the machine?Google tells me that daypass is 11 dollars for adults.
  12. Thank you so much for the detailed info!How could I get a day pass once I get my card?
  13. Excuse me,what kind of Transportation card is available in Metro Vancouver?Can I get one in shops like the Shoppers?
  14. Just felt surprised they put a 60 foot bus on a route with short trip even on Sunday. Seemed like artic can go anywhere like the express buses too.
  15. Everything happens in Miway
  16. How long will the wrap on 4001 last for?Soon after the parade?
  17. How long will the pride wrap last for?
  18. Order for this year may mean replacement next year?And where will the order be distributed to?I wonder if they will also retire the relatively older LF batches(04 and 05 probably)
  19. So the 3xx D40LFs will be retired without being replaced by new units?I believe there are more than enough for now…
  20. The current bid for the new electric buses seems to be due today,any news coming?
  21. Have they really been in service on 34?
  22. So anyone knows where are the two GO Enviro 500 evs tested before currently?
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