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  1. Order for this year may mean replacement next year?And where will the order be distributed to?I wonder if they will also retire the relatively older LF batches(04 and 05 probably)
  2. So the 3xx D40LFs will be retired without being replaced by new units?I believe there are more than enough for now…
  3. The current bid for the new electric buses seems to be due today,any news coming?
  4. Have they really been in service on 34?
  5. So anyone knows where are the two GO Enviro 500 evs tested before currently?
  6. Does anyone notice if 405,422 and 419 the D40LFs have ads paper sticked on their driver‘s sides?
  7. Have the nova lfse+ arrived yet?
  8. Oh 26 ft?Even shorter than the Vicinity,and who will possibly make them btw?
  9. Sorry for the interruption,what routes will usually have the E60LFRs?
  10. I am curious how it got there,by being driven or just delivered by lorry.
  11. BYDs are probably the latest electric buses to return back,usually they do rush hours till 10-11pm. They even put the BYDs on night routes 301,320 before. But their “attendance” is quite low lol
  12. Would it be easier to handle the heat than the cold weather below -10 in winter?BTW 3759 also comes back to service and is on route 67.
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