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  1. But wiki says they only ordered two these year…
  2. Those might be lucky arriving in the first few months new year?And anyone knowing if TTC had their board meeting yet to decide the bid of electric buses?
  3. I am curious about the life span for these parts,how often do they change them?
  4. Alright,thanks for correcting
  5. Two Orion Vs from Coast Mountain Bus Company in Vancouver were parked together at Bridgeport Station. Currently CMBC is the last Canadian operator that has Orion Vs in service.
  6. They are probably beginning arriving next week according to the Facebook group. They said they will expect for 10 buses per month.
  7. 12 years would be short life for them which are nothing bad currently…I think you refer to the artic buses which are targeted to be retired in 12 years, however more agencies currently will just keep them in service depending on how the new buses process.
  8. Would the upcoming new buses help solve the shortage problem?
  9. Check 03s and 05s out on some express routes if you‘re lucky!Like the route 109 which has majority of the route on the highway(transitway)and I always find it interesting to ride on old buses running at high speed.
  10. Is this the common phenomenon for GTA bus agencies currently as many of them have not had large-scaled bus shifting during these 2-3 years? Like the yrt they still keep the early D40LFs and the TTC keeps the roaring Orion diesels.
  11. Express and local have been a mess already now in Miway lol Actually who will care what kind of buses to ride on.
  12. By the way are the 60 fts gonna to retire the D60LFRs we have now?
  13. Would it be that quick lol People said they are not gonna be there until December
  14. But I can only see the data of 19302,the data of 19301 still shows its last service on Aug 9
  15. Good day everyone.Has 19301 the nova lfse come out in the recent days?
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