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  1. Different transit way route numbers, no 170. Didn't see a bulletin about it at all and the main map is different from the main map.
  2. So... who wants to explain this map to me?
  3. Paid a visit to Brandon over the weekend. A very bare bones service was running today due to the snowstorm. 65 was still by the pumps with plates.
  4. BusRider Come Quick There is a discussion You need to reply to it

    it is at Selkirk Transit System in the Manitoba Western Canada Section


  5. Likely just tosses them.
  6. There has been a lot of times when I though pedestrian access to Pembina would be a good thing to have. I assume it might be a cost thing.
  7. The Santa Bus is coming along!
  8. No, I haven't done my training for it. The more senior drivers usually sign those 20 runs.
  9. Was the driver good looking?
  10. I was on that one the other day... lots of miss matched seat covers on the inside. Don't think they ever did a "full" refurb of them.
  11. Not sure about the paint, but the electric units are stored in Brandon Garage and there's no dispatcher in that garage on weekends and holidays.
  12. I wonder what will happen to parking for mechanics and training branch?
  13. 994 on Track 38 today. Note the exterior camera.
  14. Not quite Brandon Transit but I'm surprised this made the paper. http://www.brandonsun.com/local/classic-transit-bus-makes-local-stop-en-route-to-toronto-399766921.html?thx=y
  15. I asked a friend of mine that works at the garage and a few weeks ago he said they were cleaning out behind the shop. I believe whatever is still left there may be for parts, though he doesn't know for sure because he's not in transit.