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  1. Found an interesting video from 1997. Lots of shots of orange D40's in there for your viewing pleasure! Even a ride on an MCI Classic at the end.
  2. Huh, I guess I missed that. That's really an odd choice.
  3. A bit behind schedule, but now happening nonetheless. A one year pilot project with the on demand transit service Blaise Transit. https://www.brandon.ca/public-notices-details?var=6212 The service will run 6 to midnight on Weekdays and Saturdays, and all day on stay holidays. I assume this also implies that Sunday service will become on demand all day. There was also mentioned in the press release that it will include a service expansion to areas currently served by TransCab. If not sure if that will only be during the hours the on demand service operates, or an all day service.
  4. Found some of my photos from 2015 of the Mad Dog Ice Cream bus.
  5. That's pretty typical of them going all the way back to at least 2008. Is it still the case that Transit is at the bottom of the list for priority of getting things fixed at the city garage?
  6. No sign of any Orion's at Wesman Salvage.
  7. I was planning on going to Wesman Salvage at some point this week for parts, so I might take a swing through were they keep buses and see if it ended up there. It would be a shame to see it get scrapped. Edit: Looks like they may have gotten rid of it sometime back in May. Might also give them a call to see where it ended up.
  8. As of today, all buses have been fitted with an air purification system. https://www.brandon.ca/public-notices-details?var=6183
  9. Going by the tender that would be a safe assumption. They all seemed to be purchased at the same time.
  10. 26 laying over on Queens Ave. between bookings.
  11. I don't have wiki access but if someone would like to update the current fleet, I've got that. 21, 25-28 are for Access Transit.
  12. Looks like Brandon is intending to replace some of the older transit shelters. Quotation - Transit Shelters.pdf Unevaluated_Bid_Results[1].pdf Also forgot to include the info for the yet unnamed On-Demand Pilot Project in Brandon. Interesting that VIA (the company doing Winnipeg's) didn't bid on Brandon's project. Should be interesting to the see the differences between the two systems. On-Demand Transit Technology System Pilot Project RFP.zip Unevaluated_Bid_Results[1].pdf
  13. The City is now looking at demand responsive transit for evenings and potentially weekends. I see this as a potential huge improvement over the current hourly service provided at these times. https://www.brandonsun.com/local/city-looking-at-on-demand-transit-574559832.html
  14. The only orange left will likely be on the service trucks.
  15. Interesting that you can still see the remnants of the loop on Olive for the Portage bus.
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