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  1. @BrianD you might know someone more than I would. But would you have any insight of if the city ever intends to publicly publish their real time bus data along with locations? I see things like Google Maps are still using static schedules.
  2. So many drivers cross there for not only parking, but Main @ McAdam is a relief point for the 18 and I think the 32 sometimes.
  3. Don't exactly think that would be responsible of them at the moment.
  4. Probably just forgot to punch the P/R in. Some don't really care about putting P/R messages in.
  5. Bit of a throwback. Found a few videos on my hard drive that seemed they were lost to time, so I figured now is a pretty good time to share them.
  6. I thought I actually had a photo of one somewhere, but I couldn't seem to find it. I did come across this from a 1982 Brandon system map. I still have yet to scan this one in, but I actually got this map as a gift! I did put the routes into this other map project I'm working on. https://www.google.com/maps/d/drive?state={"ids"%3A["1GHiQnhN1dwNZkhZLzxUbEmdbDTJli8cI"]%2C"action"%3A"open"%2C"userId"%3A"107129476531906607937"}&usp=sharing
  7. I hadn't noticed that! Looks like it could be intentional. https://www.winnipeg.ca/finance/findata/matmgt/documents/2014/201-2014_B/201-2014B_PA_Schedule_18_-_Technical_Requirements.pdf (page 41 of 107) Page 50 speaks more in general of the lighting rather than one station, but I don't see what they wouldn't implement it throughout. Plus the tunnel near Osborne already apparently has some really fancy lighting.
  8. I have nothing against on street BRT given the proper priority signals... not saying that real rapid transit instead of glorified buses wouldn't be nice, but... it's a Winnipeg thing.
  9. Had to do a quick swing by one of the stations... getting excited for tomorrow!
  10. As far as I'm aware, a blank stop will be used, though I'm not sure if a school charter uses this stop anymore this is the only example I know of. https://goo.gl/maps/HFmFtbKpC2m2WKgt5
  11. What language are you using? It would be cool to see bus assignments and schedule adherence as well. I know there was a project on here by someone else that did something similar, perhaps they'd have some advice. https://transit55.ca/ With it using GTFS, how difficult is it to pull trip data from other transit systems?
  12. That's really cool! Do you plan to have it use real time component at any point?
  13. Spotted 0809 along the TransCanada around Austin, Manitoba heading eastbound. It had yellow Ontario plates.
  14. Brandon has now waived transit fares and is only allowing boarding through the rear door. The front of the vehicle is reserved for people who are elderly or have reduced mobility and is marked with caution tape.
  15. What's with the 47 going to the U of M. I thought the whole point was to cut down on routes passing through the suburbs and going downtown. Also I see no mention of the St Norbert DART. Has that been eliminated?
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