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  1. Stop announcements are coming! As well as new fareboxes?
  2. Untrue. It's not the drivers duty to enforce the fare per Winnipeg Transit policy. Only to inform passengers of the correct fare, if they choose not to pay the operators manual states simply to ask "pay double next time" and press the "underpay" button. Winnipeg Transit set this policy to reduce the amount of driver/passenger conflicts. Transit is contradicting themselves saying that it's the operators responsibility to enforce fares. They only monitor payment.
  3. Damn! Looks really good!
  4. Probably 71 and 72 since transit has seems to have been going in numerical order.
  5. Well, may as well fire off a resume in that direction. How long did they take to get back to you?
  6. Seems like they're doing with the Handi buses what they do with the rest of the city fleet cars.
  7. Who know's, they might hang on to them for a while yet. If they're aware that the rest of the LFR's and probably the Nova's are going to run into the emissions related system issues/rebuild time then it might be worth having the LF's and XD40's around at the same time. After all, one Calgary unit is still there. Heck, they're short on cash, might be worth it to have a box on wheels instead of not. I imagine these Handi buses are a replacement and not an expansion.
  8. Hopefully their two Xcelsiors are on the way soon then. I guess they'd be looking to retire 49 and 50 then?
  9. I believe it is actually.
  10. Do you think 15 minute service is needed on the afternoon Industrial? I almost think a loop via Park Ave to 18th and then to the Industrial Hub, then back via Richmond could help serve more industry, and the city. (Eg: If it comes in via Richmond, it'll go out via Park and then have the other bus to the opposite) That'd give bi-directional service to the city which makes things a lot easier to get around. That's probably what I miss most about not having 20/21.
  11. I think the ACC shuttle suffered because nobody knew about it. I remember when you'd get a full standing load on the PM Industrial. They never include these routes on the main system map. I used to use the old Industrial to get into the East End sometimes because it was quicker than 6. Don't think anyone else ever figured out where it went. It's too bad, because the current version provides good service to the Shoppers Mall in the afternoon that I bet people would use.
  12. Thanks for that. I'd also to be interested to hear what the deal is with seemingly keeping Industrial and ACC separate from all the other routes. Seems like it's something that could be getting more use out of it is going to waste.
  13. It's odd considering you'd think with the HEP running all the time it would keep it warm. How would it differ from a DPU?
  14. Could have been. No lights were on in any of the cars, and I don't believe any of the F40's were running.
  15. I tried to board this train in Rivers, MB. They provided transport for the passengers already on the train, and then for those east of Winnipeg, but nothing in between. Had a CN SD70M-2 on the head end and 3 F40PH-2D's. Ended up being stranded there until CN called for a cab back to Brandon. Not exactly impressed with that.
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