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  1. the driver i had the problem has been a driver for a few years and really i think may be anti social
  2. sorry to hear you have to move maybe you can find internet cafe's or places with free wifi to get on here
  3. Passengers who are in such a rush that they can not sit down still the bus stops before they get up and get off instead of 1 min before your stop standing by the door ready to get off. Drivers who do not know what routes they connect with (yea i know you guys do not know everything) but im talking about the drivers who only know their route and thats it
  4. People to ask if the elevator is going Up or Down when its clear there is only a UP Button and no floors below it
  5. Hamilton: Low Aldershot: Medium Burlington-Oakville: HIGH
  6. all go train coaches have them BT buses just have a small green bag hanging off the farebpx
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