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  1. You don't know anything about YRT what YRT routes are banned from getting 2005-2010 D40LF. For sure 86 will NEVER get those types of buses due to the U-Turn & @Joshuamumblewith @Gamer Studiosknows that they are banned from getting 2005-2010 D40LF on 86.
  2. It was at Arrow Rd overnight then like around 8AM-9AM today i guess it moved back to McNicoll
  3. **YRT TransSee** 575 on AM 86 Newkirk-Red Maple. This is extremely RARE to get on this route because Southeast does not trust their drivers to do a U-Turn near Bernard Terminal as a 2005-2010 D40LF and the 86 will get anything newer that 2011 models.
  4. **TTC TransSee** 9105 moved back to Arrow Rd Garage from McNicoll Garage
  5. **TTC TransSee** I can confirm that 122 Graydon Hall route is staying at McNicoll Garage not Wilson Garage
  6. TTC TransSee None of the 3716,3717,3719,3721-3723 have moved over to Birchmount Garage last night and they are still at Arrow Rd Garage as of this morning
  7. 3719 has returned back to Arrow Rd Garage instead of Birchmount Garage after doing 36 Finch West???
  8. **TTC TransSee** Malvern to Arrow Rd Garage Movements: 1209
  9. **TTC TransSee** Mt Dennis to Arrow Rd Garage Movements: 8956-8960
  10. TTC TransSee Birchmount to Arrow Rd Garage movement: 9200,9202-9209 Mt Dennis to Malvern Garage Movements: 9080 & 9081 9209 is already in service on 165 Western Rd North/ 320 Yonge Blue Night
  11. Incorrect. I can confirm 122 is going back to Wilson Garage not staying at McNicoll Garage. From Steve Munro website.
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