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  1. 18048 to STC Edit, 18050 to STC also
  2. Uh do we really need a thread for this but an average bus lifespan in cmbc is 17 years
  3. It was for training purposes. Seems very odd to use a training designated unit and going out to Richmond
  4. 7428 went on the 403 for training from what I saw and heard
  5. Either they haven't been set up, on loan, might change units, are not doing it this year
  6. Idk if this is good to post here but some 40fts are on some artics routes due to snow being in the forecast today.
  7. 7455 returns as Dasher this season. Probably its last though. Reindeer since Friday
  8. Hopefully everybody was alright but that's very scary for that to happen
  9. Its usually normal to have a rapidbus on the 503 Am peak but if its a all day block I would side its uncommon
  10. R1 is not really recovering from covid. Isn't it the most hard it Rapidbus besides the R3?
  11. Alright I understand. Thanks for the feedback
  12. So trolleys replacement moved to 2024 I'm wondering if we would have enough trollies for expansion and post broadway extension. Idk if the 9 is staying as diesel.
  13. I would say its a zero chance but due too the bus shortages at stc it has happened. But I don't think permanent because R1 white rock extension will come eventually and the R6 Next september
  14. 15000s are used on the R1 when there isn't for say enough Rapidbuses in yard or during a shortage of Rapidbuses, 503 uses whatever artics it could get during AM and during summer they used a lot of Rapidbuses.
  15. Not the firsr diesel it had loaners in 2016-17. And yes they swap
  16. 9518 on the 430 which 430 was operated by HTC before
  17. I mean I doubt these will be for the R6 since they have there own order. R7 is most likely since they have nothing planned besides going to richmond, It could possibly be a dual livery order like they did with the 2000 D60LFs with sweep and B-Line, its just speculation atm
  18. King George alone they had to close down an entrance to deal with the huge line up extending to the bus stop
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