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  1. how do buses get this late? or this one is crazy early
  2. SE 1 Issue 1 Hi, im Rapid Bus. I live in Metro Vancouver with all my friends. Let me introduce some. This is You. Hi. and this is his wife xe40. Hey guys. This is xn40. yooooo, sup? and this is little Y (yous son) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! LITTLE Y CUT IT OUT! This is double decker. Hey. this is novie. Hi. This is shay. Hi. And her daughter Lil s. gaai. (she says hi) and this is novabus. Sup guys? and last but not least, this is Joshie, the director. Hey guys. As you can see, things can get pretty chaotic around here, but, we handle it. all of us, we hope you like our series. The End Plz let me know if u want me to make more
  3. the sign displaying the next stop on 21005 is delayed eg. when i got to langley, it said i was at 152nd street
  4. if the 394 is run by RTC, is it really necessary to report on this?
  5. 19131 on the 345 White Rock Centre
  6. 15008 hit 84 km/h on 96 ave today doing a 503
  7. Not the best pic of 2251 but if someone could put it on the wiki I'd appreciate it
  8. ones i can get (will this be good) 2015, 2018, and 2021 XDE60 2016, 2018, and 2019 XN40 2006 D40LFR
  9. The ones I draw myself
  10. check https://tcomm.bustrainferry.com for a complete tracker of every bus in metro vancouver operated by translink
  11. i dont think its dry, im just curious to see if there were any
  12. heres another one so STC got 21005 so more rapid buses could go on the R1, instead, 21005 goes on the R1 and a rapid bus goes on the 503 wierd
  13. has it really been 2 weeks without any new transfers? or is nobody reporting them anymore?
  14. if their running out of employees, why not just grab a few from other centres that are just not needed?
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