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  1. 0942 has been in shop for the past few days, N/A if it will make it for the charter that is planned if not, the charter will be bus 1046 or 1048 D40LFR, Thanks.
  2. Easy just e-transfer me 15$ for the admission and I will document your user onto the paid admission list so I know you paid to come. email is: exoticbolte@gmail.com You can also pay on charter date upfront. -Dakota Patrick Preferably do it upfront on charter date as its easier that way for me.
  3. KT 2009 D40LF Charter - Google Docs all the information can be found on this google doc, (aware they havent done a charter in 10ish years but I heard the problems why they couldnt and it will be resolved, but if you are planning to take via rail please do not book (escape class) tickets until this is 100% CONFIRMED by Transit themselves. -Dakota Patrick.
  4. Hello, Ontario! KT 2009 D40LF Charter - Google Docs Special summer-ish treat for everyone! (this will be happening, I know they havent done a charter since 2010ish but they will take my money, I have a driver that is willing to do it so should work out great! If you plan to take VIA RAIL PLEASE DO NOT BOOK TICKETS UNTIL THIS IS CONFIRMED 100% BY TRANSIT THEMSELVES so you dont lose any money (if you were to purchase escape class) -Dakota Patrick
  5. Due to weather concerns, For people travelling outside of Cornwall for this event it is recommended that you stay put as driving conditions will not be the best, 10-15cm of snow is expected on Saturday the day of the charter, the charter will continue but will only have two people me and my friend. If you wish to come still please message me on this site.
  6. 2097 doesnt track so could be that.
  7. Was told recently it was a 2020 arboc but chances are it could be 1583.
  8. 0942 is the last d40lf in kingston transit confirmed by a operator.
  9. They want to expand service in general so most likely.
  10. Cornwall transit is interested in purchasing a few D40LFs from Kingston Transit, stay tuned. last known condition of 0836 (possible sale can2adiate for Cornwall) (slighly off-topic with the photos, I apologize)
  11. Yeah and still surprised they are only used on BP routes.
  12. Reminder, Cornwall has a order in for a 2023 LFS HEV coming in this march, this will be for expansion i was told and will not replace any fleet.
  13. MY BAD: charter leaves at 11:30am. charter will leave garage at 11:30 AM (repeat)
  14. I'm very pleased to announce that me and my friend will be chartering Cornwall Transit bus 1585 or 1586 on March 4th 2023 that is a Saturday. The reason for this charter is that these vehicles are the oldest in Cornwalls fleet and when I chartered them for the first time in November they sounded AMAZING! but more importantly the reason is to enjoy the scenery, converse with others, get some lunch at the eastcourt mall Lunch stop for aslong as you need. This charter will be 2 HOURS long, when we return to the garage from the charter a few buses will be positioned for a promotional photo for (Cornwall Transit) and you are welcome to walk around the inside of the garage where they store the buses, JUST BE AWARE DO NOT UNLESS YOU HAVE SAID PERMISSION WALK INTO THE MAINTENACE AREA'S OR STAND DIRECTLY IN THE WASH this is for your SAFETY. The charter will depart Cornwall Transit (on Angleno Lebano) for around 10:50-11:00 depending if my via train arrives at the VIA Station for the scheduled time. The charter will arrive at one of our first interesting and scenic stops on S Branch Road by Brookdale Avenue, this time will range between 3-6 mins, but we are in no rush it is a 2 HOUR CHARTER. Our next stop and another interesting and scenic stop will be down by the lake on Harbour Road (closet to the lake we can get as well) we will be situated here for about 3-6 mins and again take aslong as you want these waiting times are just estimates. Stop after that shall be DEV HOTEL by the flags, we will be situated here for around 3-6 mins. Stop after that will be Eastcourt Mall for the Lunch stop, we will be situated here for as long as needed take your time eating. Stop at Pitt & second for about 3-6 mins. then the trip will continue to Walmart Supercentre where we will be situated there for 3-6 mins. and finally the last OFFICAL stop on this charter will be at the Benson centre for around 3-6mins and then return to the garage, feel free to walk around or leave, but FYI the plans for the garage could always change depending on the staff of Cornwall Transit. LAST NOTE: IF IT WASNT OBVIOUS the stops for 3-6 mins are photo stops, anyways Message me on here if you are interested in coming. Thanks for reading my message. FYI it is free to come. FREE, NO CHARTER FARE ^^^
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