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  1. Does anyone know where miway buses go for scrap?
  2. Do they still store buses at 1810? Seems like the building in the middle is active and a bunch of non revenue vehicles are now there. If not where will decommissioned or extra buses be stored now at malvern and where will scrap towing take place?
  3. Seems to be a movement since 1361 1379 are at wilson garage after being on 59
  4. Does anyone have pictures of T1s 5185, 5184, 5326, and 5327 after their accident at Wilson?
  5. Toronto Transit Commission Orion 07.501 VII NG Hybrid 1289 at Warden Station while operating on 902 Markham Express.
  6. If one was to spot retired miway buses what area would you suggest?
  7. Does both CP and Malton do decommissioning? Or just Malton ?
  8. There was a place north east of Toronto in Durham that had a bunch, is this the same place you're talking about?
  9. 3721 3724 are on 952 so they are definitely still arrow buses.
  10. I agree, nothing confirms 8208 to be retired so I don't know why everyone is acting like it is lol. Just wait until confirmation
  11. Wasn't Durham College supposed to get a ttc ng hybrid, similar to 1615 and Centennial? What became of that?
  12. Lots of rumors speculate that 8208 would be the first ng diesel to retire after its collision. I'm assuming it's going to be fixed but realistically is this wishful thinking?
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