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  1. The schedule released last week https://viconnector.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/VI-Connector-July-29-2022-Schedule.pdf shows that the Campbell River service is 3x/week.
  2. Rider Express has moved their Edmonton stop to the Kingsway Transit Centre. This allows for a seamless transfer to/from downtown Edmonton on the Metro Line LRT. https://riderexpress.ca/locations/
  3. Ebus is now doing a 4x weekly Grande Prairie-Edmonton service. https://www.myebus.ca/ab-schedule/
  4. It seems that the Ottawa stop is downtown, as opposed to the Via station or St-Laurent, which is a plus.
  5. Rider has now increased frequency on its Calgary-Vancouver service. There is now a daily daytime bus, plus overnight service 2x/week in each direction.
  6. Looks like this project didn't work out, the buses were cancelled effective January 22. https://www.devondispatch.ca/news/local-news/former-devon-mayor-slams-new-councils-short-sighted-cancellation-of-transit-pilot/
  7. Updated Rider Express schedule is now live. The service from London and Kitchener to Toronto has been suspended. Service to Winnipeg is now using the main bus station at 936 Sherbrook St., which should help with connections.
  8. "Not that great" is definitely an understatement. Owen Sound-Toronto via Barrie now requires 4 transfers! Owen Sound-Blue Mountain (GTR) Blue Mountain-Collingwood (Colltrans) Collingwood-Wasaga Beach-Barrie (LINX) Barrie-Aurora (GO Bus) Aurora-Toronto (GO Train)
  9. That route via 148 is not a money-maker, and I doubt Maheux actually does it without some kind of government subsidy.
  10. The OP is about a transit bus route, and the definition proposed for this excludes motorcoaches (any vehicle with under-floor luggage.) Based on that definition, Greyhound, GO Transit, etc. wouldn't count. As was commented earlier though, that definition is definitely debatable; it's just something fun to think about.
  11. I see Rider Express' website is no longer using Betterez for ticketing, but a platform called "Ticpoi" which seems to work pretty nicely.
  12. ETS is cutting back frequency again, due to COVID-19. 510X between Downtown and Mill Woods seems particularly affected, and the Valley LIne is still months away. PDF link https://www.edmonton.ca/sites/default/files/public-files/ETS-Service-Adjustments-Feb2022.pdf
  13. Fort Sask Transit has cut back to hourly frequency for its AM schedule. https://twitter.com/CityFortSask/status/1485712824609513472?cxt=HHwWgIC90af8p54pAAAA
  14. Not familiar with the rest of the world, but in Canada: Cold Shot's Edmonton-Peace River route runs every weekday and uses a cutaway shuttle. About 500km. For something using an actual transit bus (ie. a bus designed to allow standing passengers): Simcoe County LINX has a Barrie-Penetanguishene route which is about 50km. Their fleet consists of Alexander Dennis Enviro200 and Grande West Vicinity midibuses. Not sure which are usually assigned to this route, though.
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