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  1. I heard that they use diesel heaters during the winter. All I know is that our XE40's (I'm from Chicago by the way) have those. I don't know about our Proterra BE40's. By the way, the TTC is doing a better job than the CTA at environmental sustainability as they're getting more hybrid and electric buses in their fleet. The CTA just keeps ordering a hell lot of diesel NovaBus LFS's.
  2. Construction on the Red Line extension will not begin until at least 2025 (at least from what I've heard), they're prioritizing on the 7000-series railcars as well as the Red and Purple Modernization Phase One Project. Also, would you predict that RPM Phase Two would rebuild the Purple Line? I've been seeing posters in Evanston lately demanding the CTA to rebuild their branch. The infrastructure is quite old.
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