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  1. When I moved down to the DMV back in late summer 2005, Royal mostly had at the time: 1990 Metro Bs in the #9300s and #9400s, 1997 Orion 5.501s #4300s (various units, buses I remember in particular were #4320, #4324, #4355, #4360, and others), and some 2000 Orion 5.501s in the #2100s. They also had 1992 Orion 5.501s too at some point up until they retired in 2008. Caught a #96XX on the old 28A once back in 2007 to Falls Church.
  2. It's not that surprising considering that those 31 LFW 2Gs are already 11-12 years old. That unit must have been a poor performer or was in an accident. I also think it's a safe bet that the new CNGs are #5400-5419 based on how the last new bus order was handled.
  3. Looks nice. So they only got 10 for now right? Are they replacing the 2008-2009 Gillig Advantages?
  4. I don't think 2007 Orion 7.501 OG Hybrid #3736 was ever really retired. Aside from that, I still don't get why the MTA is killing off the #4500s as aggressively as they are despite being among the newest of the Next Generation buses (alongside the #4600s, #4700s, and #1800s). In other MTA news, it is reported that the R211As will likely enter service by early 2023. So, probably around springtime. The MTA is looking to press all of the base car order into service (525 units) by summer 2024. If both options are taken (640 for Op1 and 437 for Op2), all cars will be here by the end of 2025. It is unclear however as to how many R211Ts will be ordered (if any beyond the 10 test cars). TBH, I would not be surprised if the R211Ts get axed and the MTA takes the data acquired from those cars and transfer them onto the purchase of the future R262 cars for the A division (the IRT). I say this because the MTA needs the R46s and the remaining SIR R44s gone so they can worry about retiring the R62/As and R68/As next. Articulated Trains might not be in their best interest for right now when they have over 800 cars in need of replacing. It took almost 2 years for the base R211A to enter the 30 day passenger service, so imagine how much longer for the R211T's and R211S's (especially the T's).
  5. Seems that 2022 Gillig Advantage BRT Plus CNGs #2086, #2090, #2092, #2094, #2096-97, #2102-03, #2109-14, and #2116 are all waiting for Metrocard fareboxes, radios, and other components to enter service. Also, seems highly likely that the 2023 New Flyer XE40 Charge 2 NGs will actually get #2080-2085 (much to my dismay) but will have to get confirmation. If so, then #2093 is actually the pilot bus in this order (which is interesting).
  6. That's some good news. Any idea on the D.C. Circulator ZX5s yet though?
  7. Yeah, at some point in the late 1990s (likely 1997-98) Metro had repainted the 1992 Orion 5.501s. IIRC however, their taillights were never changed up until they were retired in early 2008.
  8. Flexible ceased new orders in 1995 but closed down altogether in 1996. I do sometimes wonder however, had Flexible been around longer (not exactly to the present day, but atleast until say.. 2001) would WMATA have gotten more Metro E's or perhaps some latter Metro model? I think that 1997 Orion 5.501 order (#4200-4412) could have easily been more Metro E's (or Metro F's, perhaps even a low floor variant).
  9. For real, it's fucking ridiculous. Just the other day, 2020-2021 New Flyer XD60 #5511 was taken out of service due to that wreck that started out as a police chase. These fucking morons need to be thrown UNDER the jail. I don't think this was a road rage, but perhaps the guy recognized someone on the bus he had a beef and tried to take them out (i.e., a rival gang member or an ex-gf who did him dirty). In any case, he needs to be taken out. By the time WMATA was overhauling the newer Metros, the older ones were a few years away from retirement (remember, the 1990 and later Flexible Metros were rehabbed starting in 2001). By the time 2004-2005 rolled around, the #8700s, #8800s, #8900s, #9200s, and #5100s were all being phased out and replaced by new Environmentally Friendly buses (New Flyer DE40LF/DE40LFR Hybrids and D40LFR Clean Diesels on the MD side, Orion 7.501/503 CNGs on the VA and D.C. side).
  10. Yes, they all originally had the block taillights, but most were replaced in the early 2000s. I do remember seeing some #9300s and #9400s (and atleast one #9700) roaming around with the old style in the late 2000s right before they were replaced and retired by the New Flyer DE42LFA Hybrids (and their variants, DE37LFAs and DE62FLAs). Also keep in mind that the taillights were only replaced on the 1990s Metros (1990-1991 Metro Bs: #9301-9413 and #9481-9498 (most of #9424-9463 didn't get it however)), 1993-94 Metro Ds #9701-9785, #9801-9835, and 1995 Metro Es #4001-4104). The 1980s Metro Bs did not get them, so buses like #8840 or #8922 lacked them.
  11. How many 2008-09 CTs does Castleton even have left? Pretty sure almost all of them are retired now... Anyway, we got some more BIG MTA news, but instead of NYCTA, this time it's an MTA bus Company exclusive. Apparently, in addition to the upcoming 135 Nova LFS's, BC will get an additional 173 more LFS's AND 116 NEW New Flyer XD40s for fiscal years 2023-2024. This will mean 424 new 40ft clean diesels buses for MTA bus company (this isn't including the upcoming future electric and CNG orders btw). Once this happens, that will be the absolute end of the Orion 7 era here in the big apple and surrounding areas (except maybe SCT). I suspect that the new LFS's (likely an option order) will be numbered above #8964-9098, so #9099-9272 would make sense. The New Flyer XD40s however are a bit of a mystery. However, I would not be surprised if they are numbered #2790-2905 as those fleet numbers are opened, but it's just a guess. This is all from NYCTAF. I'll also add this, more likely than not, JFK and LGA Depots will get the overwhelming majority of these new buses, though it is possible (given recent trends in the last 10 years or so regarding bus deployments) that LGA will get all the new XD40s (as they already have the 2015 batch) while the LFS's would be split up between LGA, JFK/FR, BP, and possibly even ECH Depot (IIRC, they are earmarked for some of the new 135 base order LFS's until the EVs arrive).
  12. How did they become that short on B/Os?
  13. Don't Septa and CTA have 24 hour bus systems? Hell, EVEN NICE bus is 24 hours (and that's a suburban system, the NY equivalent of Ride-on and Fairfax Connector). So WMATA can't?
  14. 2010 Orion 7.501 NG Hybrid #4615 is now retired from LGA Depot.... I knew this unit wasn't going to last long....
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