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  1. As far as I'm aware they are remotely uploaded via the Clever Device system, so the upload method wouldn't make a difference, but I do believe there is another reason for the malfunction. That is a very technical reason that I don't feel like explaining right now. But you're along the right lines with it being a ODK3 issue.
  2. I've been seeing that bus around a lot! It feels nice to hear a Series 50 engine again in Ottawa. It's in pretty nice shape too. And yes, it's Ex-Cornwall.
  3. It is completely true, but how they lock up is completely dependent on how the transit system orders the bus. How OC's work: They will never lock up going forward (thankfully). The only time it will ever lock up is if you put the bus in reverse. From first hand experience, here's an example: Attempting a U-Turn, and misjudging the space you needed, therefore mid-turn when you're at Max Angle, you realize if you continue forward, you will hit a wall/dumpster. If you back up, it will lock up. Supervisor has to come, hold the override switch to allow it to back up, which triggers a "JOINT FAIL" light. (Which is another reason you cannot get away with using it without a supervisor present) Luckily since it only triggers in reverse, and you should never have to reverse at any time in your shift on a normal day, you should never have a reason to use it. Plus like I mentioned, it only triggers in reverse, going forward (if it's possible) will unlock the bus. Like @Enviro_1203 said, we got ATG, but it still functions the same, except we don't seal ours with a lock wire. Again from first hand experience, 1) It only triggers in reverse, and 2) You most definitely need a supervisor there, as the switch has to be continuously held up while performing your maneuvers (which is physically impossible to do on your own), plus it's usage will trigger a "JOINT FAIL" light. So you can't get away with it (plus now they can read check engine codes remotely, so it wouldn't surprise me if something was recorded in the buses computer, as I can confirm that they definitely record when the "REGEN INHIBIT" switch was used, and that's right beside the "JOINT OVERRIDE" in that panel). The risks of using it and getting caught later on outweigh any sort of benefits you'd gain by using it without authorization. 3) You shouldn't find your self in a situation requiring the use of the switch unless you make a sharp turn, e.g. U-Turn, and misjudge the amount of space needed, therefore requiring a reverse. As just putting the bus back in forward will unlock it. 4) The only situation on any sort of route that requires you to perform such a maneuver where you could get stuck is the Pinecrest workbus. They use 60 footers on it (even though Pine is a strictly 40 foot garage, but mainly because the workbus runs are out of St. Laurent & there are no St. Laurent 40 footers finishing in the west end of the city), and due to residents concerns, you cannot go around the back side of the garage. Therefore as a workbus, you are required to go in from Queensview, go immediately right (through the "DO NO ENTER" signs), and U-Turn in front of the garage. After I talked to the bus placer/countdown staff, the trick to U-Turning a 60 in there is hug the right side (even if buses are parked there), go immediately left towards the garage, then start your U-Turn to the right. After doing that maneuver for the rest of the booking, never had an issue. I did the Pinecrest workbus previously before that in 40s, but the time I got stuck was the first time I brought a 60 in there. So it just ended up being a learning experience.
  4. Nope, all 3 trips that serve Queensview towards Stittsville/Kanata, and all 4 trips that serve Queensview towards St Laurent this booking are supposed to be 60 runs (artics) It's just like how the 2 workbus runs (which are employee only shuttles that run out of Pinecrest after midnight) are 60 runs as well. Which is the only time you'll see an 60 footer on the actual property at Pinecrest.
  5. I feel that is going to change, if you're referring to the 275. Currently the 95 Cambrian trips during PM peak start at Laurier, and it shows it starting at Laurier on the schedule OC has posted. So I feel right now they just simply renumbered the 95 trips to the 275. It'll probably skip Albert & Empress as well as Tom Brown, and start at Mack Bridge. This was a last minute change on the request of Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder, so it was supposed to be 95 trips up until this happened.
  6. I guess someone hasn't been paying close attention to the most recent bookings. That rule went out the window starting in the June 2018 booking. The only runs that still retain that system are the Extras (109s). Which is ironic since back in September 2017, the extras lacked the "system", but they returned them to the "system" almost immediately the next booking. One thing Enviro_1203 forgot to mention also was previously the -50 and up runs were just rush hour trippers. All runs are (or were) numbered in their respective category in order of departure time from the garage, regardless of garage. Since September 2017, now all runs (except the 109s/extras) regardless of their status (as a tripper or relief run) are in consecutive order of departure. The only exception is the 900/901 trippers which are numbered (weirdly enough) by the routes they do. For example, this booking there are two Industrial trippers doing the 16 in the PM. 901-703 and 901-704. Only reason they're consecutive is because they both do the 16 at some point in their run. This weird numbering system for the 900/901 trippers only started in June 2018. Beforehand, it was also by order of departure from their respective garages. However despite the lack of relief runs (20s) and trippers (50s) since June 2018, the Reduced Weekday Service (Christmas/New Years/March Break week) will feature both next booking. (No idea why, it just will)
  7. Well they definitely had three last summer, not sure about now since now I don't work on Bantree anymore, so I don't go past there as often as I used to. But one was usually always parked at that yard (probably was being used as a spare). This year I haven't paid attention. But I did see 3 Enviro400s (not just double deckers) at that yard at Old Innes last year all at once.
  8. The tow truck has been moved since those photos were taken.
  9. I've seen 3, and they're garaged on Old Innes, right beside CAPS. They refuel at the Pioneer on Bantree almost every day.
  10. I realize it's been almost a year since you posted this, but I was the one who created that one for the Ottawa Transitway. Anyway, it was VERY (and I must emphasis VERY) complex to create, and it would be extremely more complex to explain how I did it. But I will say that it took be a lot of researching HTML/wiki codes and trial & error to create it. So if you'd like to do that, go right ahead. But also you could modify the transitway one to your liking. Just use trial & error like I did until you get it right.
  11. Different rules from the US (in regards to emergency exits). Our old rear engined pusher flatnoses used to have a side emergency exit but that was because it was impossible to put a rear exit on them. Now there is no more flatnoses, so that is no longer a concern. As for the amber lights, those are only on the Campeau C2s that they imported from Quebec (which Quebec has amber inner lights on their 8-way systems). They kinda made them legal for Ontario by painting them with red lens coating, but when activated, they still flash amber, which is technically illegal, but that's not my concern.
  12. oh nice!!!!! All those except 217 are definitely ex Ottawa units from my yard to be exact (Bantree). 202 got the nickname Chester, because it shakes violently at idle. It was one of the worst ones. So don't be afraid to continue that nickname there
  13. 244 eh? That's my old bus!!!!! Interesting to see they also took one of our flatnoses (which they told us that no one would take them as no one wanted flatnoses, but I guess Calgary has some, so that makes sense). Also all the flatnoses that had the bold "First Student" logo were Nepean and West Carleton buses, all the Cumberland flatnoses (which all 3 buses you mentioned were Cumberland buses) had the old normal First Student logo on them. So definitely any Thomas EF's you see with the normal First Student logo, please let us know the number of them (as I was never too familiar with Nepean and West Carleton's fleet). It's funny, when the Calgary First Student guys were checking out a bus beside mine during my morning circle check, I mentioned 244 was a rather good one (since he told me they were only looking at the Nova Scotia buses), so I guess that made him check out that particular bus. Which makes sense since they called the driver (who parked at home) and asked if he could come in because someone wants to check out that bus. What's also interesting is those two Nova Scotia's you spotted (244 was used as a spare at the end of last year), when 230 broke down on one of our driver's, 244 was his spare. Also as for our charter market in Ottawa, yes it is big, especially for non-school trips. First Student when we were doing charters, had the Department of National Defence contract (which you may wonder, what would they possibly need a school bus for?). Well the DND charters mainly consisted of cadet trips and other miscellaneous stuff that I am not able to talk about. But I can tell you DND gave us PLENTY of charter work. I haven't heard who got it yet, but I did hear a rumour that Roxborough got it. But DND alone would be enough to justify First Student staying in Ottawa.
  14. 0702 is still a hybrid, I spotted it while at the STO garage this week.
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