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  1. If no one has heard, Transbus 1233 has been confirmed retired and going to scrap.
  2. Yesterday 28-089 was on the 35 This morning 28-086 was on the 105E
  3. 31-086 crashed into a building last night https://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2022/10/20/un-autobus-de-la-stm-fonce-dans-un-edifice-apres-une-collision
  4. I just saw 33-813 on the 165, and it's side destination sign was completely broken, it was in the test pattern with the other signs being normal
  5. Saw 28-704 on the 109, 28-064 on the 106, 28-063 on the 71, and 28-046 on the 191 Also saw a pepsi can riding 10-51X on the green line
  6. Agreed about the 3rd gen retirement, the STM really should’ve known the second 30-252 got completely fried The 3rd gens are absolute mistakes, especially the ones out of Stinson. They should’ve gotten rid of 29-072 - 31-237 in the first place, and actually kept all the 2nd gens until the new electric/HEVs arrived.
  7. Just saw 29-023 on the 161, right side is an absolute wreck. The ads were missing on the right side, both chevrons lost half of the decal, and overall it looks like it should've been retired. 40-221 took a detour on the 191 through Vinet
  8. Saw 40-053 on the 28LS but was stopped at Lionel-Groulx?
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