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  1. How come the report only shows 50 ebuses for 2023 but also shows 60 ebuses for 2022-2023? Is this a mistake or are 10 of the ebuses retiring early? I meant 60 ebuses for 2017-2022 and 50 for 2023
  2. Honest question, are the covid vaccine 7900 buses returning to service?
  3. Are they still going to shift the line 1 platform at Eglinton station further North? I heard the TTC had plans to do that, but is this still happening?
  4. Weren’t there 2 Detroit Orion VIIs that were given to the Toronto fire service for training purposes? I’m not sure what the fleet #s are.
  5. So apparently plans for the new bus terminal at Islington have sprung up last summer, and these have been designed by AECOM. Also most of the bus terminal at Islington is closed off, with only platform 7 remaining, so it looks like construction of a new bus terminal could start soon. Does anyone know more about this? https://urbantoronto.ca/news/2021/06/submission-reveals-plan-islington-station-bus-terminal-rebuild
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