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  1. Idk if this is the right thread but the queensway CPTDB wiki rly needs to be updated it’s super out of date
  2. Posting this since the previous post was deleted, 8119, 8122, 8123, 8133, 8134, 8138 are moved to queensway
  3. 7058 and 7088 are still missing from both that post and the CPTDB wiki. On a similar note the queensway wiki page needs to be updated as it shows many retired buses as still active, while 8033 is incorrectly listed as retired
  4. I spoke with one of the XDE40 instructors at mount Dennis division today. He said that since they just got started training last week, the 7200s will probably enter service in around 3 weeks. He also told me that there’s an issue with the 9400s that’s still being resolved, and due to that mass production of the 9400s is still on hold also I forgot to record it but I heard the 7200 door chimes, they are way higher pitched than those on the subway
  5. Hmmm maybe you should look at the date 8000 was at queensway…
  6. Source? also if this is legit, they could just be rolled out during the afternoon rush hour
  7. Any update on 8047? It hasn’t been tracking in over 2 weeks and I personally saw it in the dead zone today next to 7915
  8. I was at mt Dennis yesterday and 7201 7209 and 9401 are still in the garage while the rest are outside it behind the wall. Why aren’t those 3 buses behind the wall but the others are?
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