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  1. Chris_the_traveller

    exo / Réseau de transport métropolitain (formerly AMT)

    Interesting that they would go into service on the DM line. Maybe they want to retire the MR-90s as soon as the tunnel closes. I hope sooner or later they will add an additional trainset to the VH line for additional service on their new most important line.
  2. Chris_the_traveller

    Réseau de transport de la Capitale

    Why is RTC purchasing Van Hools, and how many of them did they order?
  3. Chris_the_traveller

    Misc. OC Transpo & STO Questions & Discussion

    I think I will just keep it simple then ; from the VIA Station, use my PRESTO e-purse to get on OC Transpo to downtown, and then use my transfer to STO to get to Hull. If I want to go out for supper or for a drink I will try and do that within walking distance of my hotel. Then the next day, for the one return trip that I do have to complete on the Quebec side, I will just pay the cash fare on STO or at worst use Uber. I wish they could simply mail a Multi smart card to my house like PRESTO was able to do!
  4. Chris_the_traveller

    exo / Réseau de transport métropolitain (formerly AMT)

    I imagine the new bilevels exo is supposed to be receiving from China will arrive with the new exo livery and decals.
  5. Chris_the_traveller

    Misc. OC Transpo & STO Questions & Discussion

    Interesting, the OC Transpo day passes are slightly more expensive than STO day passes even though they are both valid on each others' networks. Maybe I will try that. But La Cité is a bit out of the way for me, I am staying in Île-de-Hull. The STO website is down right now so I can't see if this is a vending machine at La Cité or if I have to be there within certain hours at a ticket counter.
  6. Chris_the_traveller

    Misc. OC Transpo & STO Questions & Discussion

    I am planning a trip to Gatineau next week and it looks like getting a Multi day pass will not be a simple feat. I will arrive in the National Capital region on VIA Rail and will use my Presto card to get from Tremblay Rd station to my hotel in Hull. I am arriving at 7 PM, after many of the Point of sales are closed! So I do not know where I will get STO tickets for the rest of my trip. The STO service centres are out of the way and the opening hours are very restrictive anyway. If I was not a transit fan I am sure I would have given up already and just planned to use Uber or to stay on the Ontario side.
  7. Chris_the_traveller

    Montreal realtime transit viewer

    Seeing the train speed would be a great addition! Thanks.
  8. Chris_the_traveller

    STM 39-XXX Delivery Watch / Sightings

    I saw a series of 39-000 series buses in the Prévost yard on rue Norman in Lachine last Wednesday morning.
  9. Chris_the_traveller

    VIA Rail Canada

    What equipment will service the Ocean? I hope that they will be replacing the Renaissance sleepers to improve reliability.
  10. Chris_the_traveller

    VIA Rail Canada

    Usually : 20, 24, 29 and 37.
  11. Chris_the_traveller

    Today's Sightings

    I rode 29-068 on the 66 yesterday. It broke down while going up la Côte-des-Neiges. Fortunately the driver was able to rapidly pull over and immobilze the vehicle.
  12. Chris_the_traveller

    Réseau express métropolitain (REM)

    How can one get a TRAM1 for the price of a CAM? I don't see that listed on the site.
  13. Chris_the_traveller

    exo / Réseau de transport métropolitain (formerly AMT)

    I don't know if this was already reported, but a number of 700-series cab cars and F59PHIs have received new e-bells. They remind me of the O-Train bells because they sound quite similar. 1321 has this new bell.
  14. Chris_the_traveller

    exo / Réseau de transport métropolitain (formerly AMT)

    Here’s the train car in exo colours.
  15. Chris_the_traveller

    exo / Réseau de transport métropolitain (formerly AMT)

    Unfortunately I was not in a good spot to get a photo. Didn't even notice the colour (lol). It is on the trainset that does all the off-peak departures (I saw it doing the limited stop reverse-peak run from Vaudreuil to LUL), before it would have turned around to do the 6pm outbound departure from LUL.