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  1. The R1 buses stopping at Tremblay while the trains are still servicing Tremblay seems odd to me. If the R1 buses went from Saint-Laurent directly to Hurdman, that seems like it would be a much quicker and more efficient ride, taking the highway. Could OC transpo do this, and add a separate shuttle to service from Hurdman to Tremblay? Similar to what they have done before for Cyrville.
  2. Some articles appear to say 6 months of testing is required before a segment goes into service. We are less than 6 months away from December 1st, and trains still haven't been able to be tested up until Central station. So is it really realistic that the REM will open in 2022? Also, Griffintown—Bernard-Landry station seems to not be very advanced in construction. Will the work start to accelerate this summer, or will this station open late? The catenary is not up from Brossard all the way to Central station, so that's a good sign.
  3. What is the top speed of the LRT likely to reach in those segments down the highway to Orleans? When I used my speedometer on my phone in the segment from Lees to Hurdman, we were averaging around 30km/h. I hope the trains won't crawl along at such a low speed when running parallel to the highway.
  4. That would really be a shame. People need alternatives if the REM breaks down. Which will happen, coz breakdowns happen on all systems. The experience of Ottawa implementing LRT has been very difficult, partially because there are no parallel bus routes that run alongside the LRT. The transit agency had to implement a dedicated fleet of replacement buses -- that are waiting on standby in a parking lot, in case of a breakdown, ready to jump into service when needed.. Montreal could instead keep the redundant routes in service, instead of keeping a fleet of parked buses ready to go in the event of a REM service outage. Also, for people going to destinations other than downtown, it's nice to have options to get around. People living in LaSalle, Verdun and Lachine East could all benefit from catching the 747 to YUL from Angrignon.
  5. I noticed this travel advisory on the VIA website: Due to a railway infrastructure maintenance by the Host Railway on April 23 and 24, 2022, the line will be closed, and trains will run on a different route. Trains 52, 62, 64, 66, 46, 68, 668, 643, 63, 65, 53, 67, 645, 69, 59, 669, 42, 54 will incur significant delays. There will be no service to or from Guildwood Station on April 23 and 24. Toronto’s Union Station or Oshawa Station are suggested as the closest alternative.
  6. Some things I noticed at the exo public board meeting: They confirmed that double deckers can be run on the Candiac line They suggested to one person that they file an access-to-information request to find out what will happen to the MR-90s There's potential to add service to the St-Hilaire line on weekends and on the St-jerome line in general There's concern about the future of the Mascouche line with the REM de l'Est coming.
  7. The accident is quite unfortunate and seems like it was very avoidable. The historic catenary will probably be dismantled as a result. exo is saying the CRRC bilevels will go into service on the St-Jerome line in 2023, at which time the 700s will be retired from the Candiac line. Any word on what cars will get sent to the Candiac line? Since there are only 4 cab cars in the 2000 series, and the Candiac line needs 4 train sets, which wouldn't leave any spare cab cars leftover, I would guess the 3000s will make their return to the Candiac line. But I don't have any official info.
  8. Strange though that they electrified on that section of track though. Were they sure that no double-stacks would need to pass there? (here's a video of the location)
  9. Does anyone know why Gare Ahuntsic did not get a high platform for its main platform? I thought this track was considered a siding where there shouldn’t be any freight trains.
  10. Chris_the_traveller


    With the STM's huge deficits, and the province pressuring the STM to reduce their expenses, could we see 3-car MR-73 trains come back to the blue line in 2022 in order to save on operating costs?
  11. At the vast majority of VIA stations, passengers can wait on the platform. At Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec, the high platforms can be dangerous if unattended. People have fallen in the space between the train and the platform before and been trapped. It's very important that the correct ramp be used according to the type of train car, and that the ramp is correctly installed. And at Toronto Union, the platform number could change up to quite soon before departure, so it's preferable for people to wait inside the concourse. Also, it's preferable to not have crowds of people close to moving trains.
  12. Sounds like an interesting operation! Thanks for the info. Moving each of the 12 MR-90s that were being used (plus any spares) by truck must have been an expensive endeavour. I hope exo can repurpose them for another line, or sell them.
  13. Looks like exo launched a tender to dispose of the MR-90s. Anyone have any information about this tender?
  14. I came across this tweet and news article dated November 1, 2019, that recount how exo used a diesel train to cross the Mount Royal tunnel. I assume they took a train set from the St Hilaire or Mascouche lines.
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