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  1. Why do all Renaissance trainsets require a service car? Wouldn't it have been in VIA's interest to add some regular seating to these cars in the place of the lounge for Corridor service?
  2. I am onboard VIA 622 and we just passed Via 15. Train 15 was a weird combination of essentially Budd cars with a set of Rens sandwiched in between. There were definitely HEP sleepers as well as HEP economy coaches, but I couldn't tell if there were Ren sleepers as well in the mix. Is this mixball consist a permanent thing or is this temporary because of the recent accident near Halifax or other equipment shortage?
  3. Interesting that they would go into service on the DM line. Maybe they want to retire the MR-90s as soon as the tunnel closes. I hope sooner or later they will add an additional trainset to the VH line for additional service on their new most important line.
  4. Why is RTC purchasing Van Hools, and how many of them did they order?
  5. I think I will just keep it simple then ; from the VIA Station, use my PRESTO e-purse to get on OC Transpo to downtown, and then use my transfer to STO to get to Hull. If I want to go out for supper or for a drink I will try and do that within walking distance of my hotel. Then the next day, for the one return trip that I do have to complete on the Quebec side, I will just pay the cash fare on STO or at worst use Uber. I wish they could simply mail a Multi smart card to my house like PRESTO was able to do!
  6. I imagine the new bilevels exo is supposed to be receiving from China will arrive with the new exo livery and decals.
  7. Interesting, the OC Transpo day passes are slightly more expensive than STO day passes even though they are both valid on each others' networks. Maybe I will try that. But La Cité is a bit out of the way for me, I am staying in Île-de-Hull. The STO website is down right now so I can't see if this is a vending machine at La Cité or if I have to be there within certain hours at a ticket counter.
  8. I am planning a trip to Gatineau next week and it looks like getting a Multi day pass will not be a simple feat. I will arrive in the National Capital region on VIA Rail and will use my Presto card to get from Tremblay Rd station to my hotel in Hull. I am arriving at 7 PM, after many of the Point of sales are closed! So I do not know where I will get STO tickets for the rest of my trip. The STO service centres are out of the way and the opening hours are very restrictive anyway. If I was not a transit fan I am sure I would have given up already and just planned to use Uber or to stay on the Ontario side.
  9. Seeing the train speed would be a great addition! Thanks.
  10. I saw a series of 39-000 series buses in the Prévost yard on rue Norman in Lachine last Wednesday morning.
  11. What equipment will service the Ocean? I hope that they will be replacing the Renaissance sleepers to improve reliability.
  12. I rode 29-068 on the 66 yesterday. It broke down while going up la Côte-des-Neiges. Fortunately the driver was able to rapidly pull over and immobilze the vehicle.
  13. How can one get a TRAM1 for the price of a CAM? I don't see that listed on the site.
  14. I don't know if this was already reported, but a number of 700-series cab cars and F59PHIs have received new e-bells. They remind me of the O-Train bells because they sound quite similar. 1321 has this new bell.
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