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  1. Hearing word that it'll be out next week from Monday-Wednesday. After that, i don't know.
  2. Two PTC and one HTC bus were sent on the 555 to cover losses from backed up buses. I expect these units to run 555 until the end of their blocks as the route is gonna be wonky for the rest of the evening.
  3. Yup, saw it too. Came here to find you mentioned it first
  4. BTC Checkup, Nov. 20th, 2022 Bay 1: Closed, 9534 visible. Last in service September 8th, 2022 Bay 2: closed Nova (2nd or 3rd Gen) visible Bay 3: closed Bay 4: closed, 40 foot LFR visible, unknown model/unit Bay 5: closed, 2008 Orion (likely 9283, last saw service September 4th) Bay 6: closed, Older Nova visible, unknown unit Bay 7: closed Bay 8-9: closed, 9645 in front of them. Last in service November 18th, 2022 Bay 10: closed, DE60LFR visible, unknown unit Bay 21: closed, 12015 barely visible. Last in service November 14th Bay 22: closed, empty Bay 23: closed, closed, visible E40LFR (228x) refurb South Fence, West to East: 2114, has since returned to service 19111, last in service November 7th, 2022 8127, Last in service November 15th 18345 (major single vehicle MVA, catastrophic frontal damage November 15th) 12022, last in service October 5th, 2022 2506, MVA late september 2021 and of course, 8114 still sitting at east wall partially refurbed
  5. Anything on the unit number? Hearing word that it's 22501.
  6. 9260, 9262 retired. Compass equipment gone, and license plates removed, along with a window missing of 9260. 9205 also on the same track. Still has its Compass equipment installed, however there are seats and all that thrown in the back. Hasn't seen service since October 4th. Did not complete it's block. Another note, 9201 was parked in the far SW corner of the yard. Likely a B/O, but I thought I could mention it.
  7. Spotted at the Prevost facility in Richmond. No. 5 Rd and Rice Mill Road for any one who wants to check it out. Relatively close to RTC.
  8. It looks like a Nova with an Enviro500 windshield and LFR headlights.
  9. No BC Transit logos as of yet. Might be done here or in Victoria.
  10. Right around the same time the BC Transit Proterra was spotted in Port Kells.
  11. I have spotted the BC Transit Proterra at Cullens Truck Centre, in Surrey. Amongst the Proterra were 10+ TransLink Enviro500s.
  12. Spotted at Cullens Truck Centre in Port Kells: 21403, 21414, 21415, 21416, 21420, 21421, 21421 21423, 21424, 4-6 unidentifiable 214xx (Plus a BC Transit Proterra)
  13. All tweets today are cancelled due to server difficulties. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.
  14. Technically, ARBOCs (19501-19549, 21501-21562) are allowed 3 standees. They only have 21 seats, and maximum is 24 people on board. However, I've seem G5 shuttles with 8+ people standing, so its very iffy. I don't think the police could care, as its a city bus, and they are abiding by all other traffic laws.
  15. It helps in determining how long said detour could be, and a possible future detour in case the RCMP decides to recreate the crash scene.
  16. Owchhh. Looks like its got frame damage too.
  17. Spotted on a flatbed on (I assume) Highway 16 in Edson, Alberta. Courtesy of TransitkidJason' friend. Obtained via the TVan discord server.
  18. Any changes to the 373 Kindersley conventional trips, or is for a different school trip added?
  19. Last time an L drive NovaBus was at HTC was during axlegate in late 2016, where six units (9688, 9695, 9773-9776) were loaned to Hamilton, so definitely a rare appearance.
  20. They tend to prioritize the 15000s for the 503 (and occasionally the 319), and the 18000 RapidBus units for the R1. However, the reason you see 15000 artics on the R1 more often compared to RapidBuses on the 503 is due to the fact that there are around twice as much artics on the R1 compared to the 503, thus requiring more demand. Losing an artic on the 503 is less of a problem compared to the R1. However, when it comes to 21005 and 21023, they tend to be treated like 15000s, on both the 503 and R1, with the occasional 319 appearance. Comparing the two, 21005 has made 6 503 appearances, two R1, and one 319 since the first of this month. 21023 has made thirteen 503 appearances, four R1 appearances (two of which becoming N19), and two 319 appearances since October 27th.
  21. Does anyone have pictures of the damage 9292 suffered a while back? Found no link to anything.
  22. If my math is correct, that comes out to around $561k a unit. (Counted 134 buses total, 50 + 84)
  23. Could we see CMBC trialing a trolley from Europe, like with what KCM did with that Renault in the 80s?
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