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  1. Swung by HTC yesterday afternoon between 5-6 PM, and here is what I found. 19418 has not moved an inch in months. Starting to think there might be axle/frame damage, and since HTC can't support deckers on lifts, they are trying to figure out what to do. H18002 is in the "boo-boo bus" lane, after a major MVA on February 24th. I consider this to be karma, as an operator of it yelled at me for foaming a few weeks prior to that MVA. S18127 between R19418 and H18002. Was involved in an MVA on April 12th at 96th Avenue and 195 St, resulting in side damage. There also appears to be another Greytop XN40 in front of H18002. Unit # appears to end in "6" though. Bit of an oddity: R19416 was between H19001 and another RB (I think 18022). It last saw service on April 5th, so likely a major problem, as I did not see any exterior damage. I doubt it was actually transferred to HTC. There are no new Bluetop XDE60s at HTC, which leads me to believe that they have all been delivered to VTC, though some have not yet entered service. The last in service dates are as follows: H18002: 2022/02/24 on R4 to UBC, at Main & 41st S18127: 2022/04/12 on route 501 to Surrey Central, at 96th and 195th R19416: 2022/04/05 on route 301 at Brighouse unloading bay. R19418: 2021/12/20 on route 555 to Lougheed Stn, on Highway 1 between 156th St and the Port Mann Bridge. (if i posted this in the wrong spot, please let me know)
  2. 19403 struck a fence pulling out of the unloading bay at bridgeport (photo from a user on the Transit Vancouver discord)
  3. 19139 as well. Oh god that's gonna be weird to see for a few weeks.
  4. Ehhh, it fell onto its side. Kind've a rollover, kinda not. Bit of a gray area.
  5. I doubt that the 2021 DDs will have passenger seatbelts. New three point belt is pretty good for safety tho.
  6. That quick for a rollover? Must have been just a few panel replacements, paintjob, and windows.
  7. Bit surprising, as it only arrived at VTC four or five days ago.
  8. I am going to guess that routes 3, 8, 10, and 20 will have the XDE60's on them when the E60LFRs are BO or when the route needs to be dieselized.
  9. Oh look, 9269, the most recently retired bus. RIP.
  10. That confirms that 21001, 21002, 21010, and 21017 are the first units in service. Technically, 21001 was the first ever unit in service, as it entered service at around 6:15 AM PST, with 21017 in service around an hour later.
  11. No. It's a demo bus, it won't be sold to TL. Not up to TL Standards (headlights, bikerack, rear door, etc.)
  12. I think 19303 has a front door problem they can't seem to fix. 19301 and 19302 appear to be fine though (19302 recently had a rear light panel replaced for some reason)
  13. Sideswiped on Hwy 1 a couple months ago, currently sitting at HTC.
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