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  1. 3954 is retired I just walked past FTL and it's sitting in the spare parts parking lot the back destination sign is painted over and it seems the brake lights where taken out can't quite tell from the pic I took
  2. if the next trip wasn't also delayed there would be 2 buses going southbound at same time wow
  3. so RTD went with the extended mask mandate for may 3rd but today they reverted so now masks arent required only encouraged
  4. OH wow that's insane I'm gonna see if I can catch it on the camera if it's still running
  5. Since this next bus order is intended to replace our old 40s and 29s I wouldn't doubt some of them get new route wraps maybe even a new design for the wrap True I'm a fan of most of the changes some do seem a bit weird
  6. something related to the jump route i wonder if they are going to keep running only 40fts on it or switch back to 29fts with some 40s thrown in because i do miss seeing the jump wrap on its route from time to time even if only a few buses had it, if they do its going to be rarer to see since the phantoms got retired and some of those had jump wraps
  7. Bus 5157 running jump earlier today got caught in a sinkhole picture after water was drained getting ready for tow
  8. Caught myself a silver skirt MCI with framed windows while waiting for a flexride #1995
  9. Took a nice afternoon walk to go see and ride this bad boy I think there is no replacement available so their just gonna finish the block
  10. i feel bad for first transit Longmont bunch of buses breaking down today 2 broke down on 324 one was 3955 at 1:59 it got replaced by 3956 but it sat at the south end of the route until 3:10 when it left to go start its southbound trip it was supposed to be on at 8th and coffman the second one was 3963 it was replaced by a 40ft bus 5232 dont know what time this one broke down but ive been tracking it since its 2:14 trip south it is currently still running 324 5226 on LD3 broke down on its first trip of the day it got replaced by 5194
  11. something cool i found today This video has an advertisement for RTD from 1983 at 1:35 the bus shown is 4890 A GMC T6H-5307N
  12. I'm hoping with the announcement of the contract yesterday RTD is able to finally restore more service especially in Boulder County
  13. went out on a walk and took some pictures of some infrastructure not in use Francis st and 17th Ave pad for a shelter serving the former 326 route northside loop clockwise bus shelter on 17th Ave not in use other than ads served the former 326 route Bench for a former stop on 17th Ave serving the former 326 route platform for a bus stop on Francis St not quite sure which route it served but i believe it was the 302 school service
  14. yeah it was there earlier wonder if there will be one on tuesday
  15. especially with RTD being busy trying to expand its rail network more these past few years it gets expensive real quick
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