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  1. Currently on 1130 on route 106 at sheppard and dufferin lol.
  2. k. I hope it'll be back on the streets alive and kicking soon if that is the case and not straight into retirement!
  3. can anyone confirm what's happening with 7930 I saw on a recent vid that it was being towed by a tow truck.
  4. MMcNicoll Nova (3225) spotted on the 60c yesterday.
  5. It actually started of as an on topic question about the lfs movements that got answered but I felt I couldn't stay silent on @Shemar's last point of quantity over quality which I rebutted with quality over quantity that might have gotten lost in the examples and contributed to the reply chain. I frankly feel disgusted that people like you throw distasteful insults when I'm trying to have a civil discussion. I wasn't really describing my "fantasy division rosters" at all that was a suggestion for 1 route which is forgetting the fact that that wasn't even my main point of it which was quality over quantity. That happened due to the controversial reply chain & partially because people applied @Genius101's context to my argument even though I moved past it. McNicoll Nova (3225) spotted on the 60c.
  6. What does your question have to do with anything? I was replying to a guy that misunderstood my point. I edited it. I thought it was good enough for people to understand my point. I really don't get what's so confusing about what I typed?
  7. I was thinking the 927 would be better suited at Queensway since hybrids do better at inter city travel then highway travel. I was mainly arguing quality over quantity, not necessarily newer = better. For example all of the electric buses doing worse than the lfs hybrids, or as you mentioned the ng hybrids doing worse than the og's, that Jane is in some desperate need of some artics or in my opinion some of the lfs's doing worse than the 7's or not as good as they should be for the time. (it would be more obvious once they get as old as the 7's are atm & they have almost 10+ year advantage over them.)
  8. I actually disagree on your last point about the type of bus not mattering because it does and we should have good public transit from the start. If a vehicle is not best suited for a certain route than that can cost money. Type of vehicle is almost as important as having the vehicles themselves or as the saying goes quality over quantity and it applies both ways too with newer not meaning of better quality. Overall I think I understand the situation a bit better now.
  9. What's wrong in wanting fair treatment? Wanting equality isn't a sin.
  10. I disagree with splitting the keele route. Earlier at Donald abt 12 hours ago there were at least 25+ people waiting for the bus and the og hev got overcrowded. Not to mention It didn't really get better until just before wilson but once we got there another cluster ton of people boarded making it packed like sardines again. It was really difficult to Social distance. This is kind of why I think Arctics should stay on the 41. I notice that in the morning the 41 tends to have more ppl than the 941 as well.
  11. They honestly should've just moved kennedy back and have the subway extension run where the rt currently runs. That way they wouldn't have to spend so much money (the thing that's in so much jeopardy) tunneling underground and keep the current stations but make them accessible to further save money from building new stations from the ground up.
  12. Imo I think riders would prefer it that way. especially with omicron a full bus doesn't sound nearly as appealing as an empty one.
  13. My biggest concern with keele not having artics is the buses getting too crowded to even board with the bus has to skip stops. I've seen this happen before and with the merging of York Memo and George Harvey I'm worried that this will only happen more frequently in the future.
  14. My Favs 15 Evans 29 Dufferin (R.I.P Orion V's) 32 Eglinton West 37 Islington 40 Junction-Dundas West 41 (home route for most of my life and near my current home) 44 Kipling South 45 Kipling 48 Rathburn 52 Lawrence West 71 Runnymede 73 Royal York 76 Royal York South 80 Queensway 84 Sheppard West (Near home) 85 Sheppard East 86 Scarborough 96 (R.I.P nova rts's) 106 Sentinel (Near Home) 108 Driftwood (Near Home 509 Harbourfront 510 Spadina 512 St Clair West 900 Airport Rocket 927 Highway 27 Rocket (929 Dufferin Express) (941 Keele Express)
  15. I'd like to see a race from runnymede station to downsview park station using only ttc buses!
  16. It's like people want novas and only novas or something. (assuming someone did set the bus on fire) That would be reassuring if the ttc didn't install luggage racks on 3330 to start replacing the current airport buses. (according to the cptdb wiki.)
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