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  1. The new 837 express routes will be introduced this Monday coming. The New Tamiami Park and Ride Station has been commission as of this week
  2. Wilko Johnson, English guitarist, singer and songwriter is dead on 21 November 2022 at 75 years old according to Wikipedia. Here's the statement from Billy Bragg and his other friends: His guitar playing was angry and angular, but his presence - twitchy, confrontational, out of control - was something we'd never beheld before in UK pop. Rotten, Strummer and Weller learned a lot from his edgy demeanour." Alex Kapranos, lead singer of Franz Ferdinand said, "His unique, wired playing & stage presence thrilled & inspired many guitarists, myself included." Broadcaster Bob Harris said "Wilko was absolutely unique. His energy and spirit were incredible."
  3. That's very very sad and I found out that he committed suicide by himself. @MCIBUS or @Stalwart23how many original cast members of Power Rangers Dino Thunder and the other series from the 90s are left now? To all of my condolences, prayers and thoughts goes to 5 people who were gunned down to death for no reason and 25 people who are in hospital recovering from Colorado Springs, CO. Gay LGBTQ+ nightclub (Club Q) from this past Late Saturday night according to my today's paper (The Tribune). The 22 year old gunman is in custody now. I already repented and prayed for Jesus Christ in the bush for help and strength for safe heaven and better protection in the LGBTQ+ community in the USA.
  4. US President Joe Biden turned 80 today Rapper Future turned 39 yesterday
  5. Krishna (Telugu actor), Indian film actor, director and producer is dead yesterday at 79 years old due to suffered heart attack On 14 November and was rushed to a hospital in Hyderabad. His health started deteriorating and was on a ventilator. He died during the early hours on 15 November at the age of 79. Today, Krishna was cremated with full state honours.
  6. Miami Dade is getting another 2nd Metrorail extension to Hard Rock Stadium. The project will be completed by 2024. And here's the map of the new Metro mover extension to Miami Beach
  7. Leslie Phillips, English actor, voice artist and author has died on 7 November 2022, at the age of 98 due to long illness according to Wikipedia.
  8. Here's the image of the new 2022-23 burned down buses that are not yet finished testing or being assembled. Hope these units cost plenty trillions, billions or millions of dollars to be replaced. The 3 Cngs are supposed to go to Oklahoma City, OK for EMBARK and the next 2 EVs in the gray and blue livery numbered in 22XXX series will go to Lake Transit District in Eugene, OR. Did someone leave the engine running or is someone stealing the bus parts before caught on fire?
  9. Found this one on twitter Miami Metromover is getting expansion to and from Miami Beach in the near future. The original plan to have a monorail along the southern edge of MacArthur Causeway from Downtown Miami to South Beach is off the table because the budget did not allow for the proposed monorail and it would not provide a one-seat ride from Downtown Miami to South Beach.
  10. Ray Guy, American football player who was a punter for the Oakland / Los Angeles Raiders of the National Football League (NFL) has died today at 72 years old due to lengthy illness.
  11. That's very sad for him and I'm love his and their music since their first album came out in 2013 when I was in 8th Grade and he was 28 years old according to Wikipedia. Is Quavo and Offset will succeed in the rap group Migos without Takeoff after his death?
  12. Are they assigned to Northeast, Central or Coral Way Division
  13. Here's the extra pics guys and the police car was involved in accident too. Hope the robbers will go to jail for the rest of their lives.
  14. Romelson Vilsaint, a Haitian Journalist who worked for radio station Génération 80, has been gunned down yesterday in Haiti after being shot in the head when police opened fire on reporters demanding the release of one of their colleagues who was detained while covering a protest, witnesses told The Associated Press. https://apnews.com/article/caribbean-journalists-port-au-prince-haiti-b973049adf13229dccdd3dd4c6825bdf To all of my prayers and condolences goes to 156 people who were killed, and at least 152 others were injured on the night of 29 October 2022 2 days before the Halloween, a crowd crush occurred during Halloween festivities in the Itaewon neighbourhood of Seoul, South Korea. And another condolences goes to least 141 people who died in the crowd crush when the pedestrian suspension bridge over the Machchhu River in the city of Morbi, Gujarat, India, collapsed. The 19th-century bridge had reopened five days earlier, in time for Diwali and the Gujarati New Year, following a lengthy closure for repairs according to my today's newspaper (The Tribune).
  15. Arshad Sharif, Pakistani journalist has been gunned down to death at 49 years old in Kenya yesterday by local police due to mistaken identity", and there was speculation on social media that he had been assassinated. On 24 October, the Kenyan Independent Police Oversight Authority announced an investigation into Sharif's death according to Wikipedia.
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