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  1. There are unverified reports that 21012-21014 are at HTC - this was not a first-hand claim so I do not know if it is true or not.
  2. At least one 210xx artic claimed to be seen heading to HTC for commissioning or something else. There is no picture so far, so not sure if the report is true or not. UPDATE: 21007 and 21011
  3. 18012’s wrap changed to Winter Safety. You know, the one that has the octopus with a mask.
  4. 21001 and 21004 at Hamilton Transit Centre now. (Posted yesterday in Transit Service Discussion.)
  5. Can’t share a picture but their liveries are similar to this model.
  6. Monday, December 27th Reindeer Buses - Cupid, Comet, Olive, Rudolph and Donner.
  7. Cupid, Vixen and Olive out on the roads this Boxing Day morning.
  8. Merry Christmas. Reindeer buses out this morning: Cupid, Vixen, Olive, Rudolph and Donner.
  9. Updated Full List: 18330 - Rudolph 9543 - Comet 909 (West Vancouver) - Donner 9419 - Cupid 9798 - Blitzen 7455 - Dasher 9540 - Vixen 9683 - Dancer 21504 – Prancer (community shuttle) 17543 - Olive
  10. According to Rudolph, PNE reindeer shuttle 17543 is called “Olive”.
  11. T-Comm - Live Transit Bus Locator for Vancouver.pdf
  12. Mostly Non-RapidBus units on R1, R2, R4 and R5.
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