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  1. If I may, can I please have my name changed to Tam Transit Thanks
  2. Can someone edit the 16 route page on the wiki about the PNE Special? It should be turn right onto 22nd, not left. Also, for clarity, instead of Change it to "and left again onto 29th..." Thanks! I don't have editing access if I did I would have done it already lol.
  3. Can an Editor change the Surrey-Langley Extension completion date on the Expo Line page from 2025 to 2028?
  4. Can confirm that 21009 is on route 8 (picture proof)
  5. There is some construction on Marine and Fraser. The Trolleys are still on, but some have been replaced with the Artics (?) The buses are currently detouring on 63rd/64th Avenue, Poplar, then 65th.
  6. Are all the Blue-Top 60's only for the 84? I don't remember, but I don't think so... It seems some 5 of the units were transfered to BTC, what routes would those 5 facilitate? And it also seems that 3 were placed at HTC... What routes do you think the new untis will facilitate?
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