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  1. I wasn't able to download it using a YT-to-MP4 site, as the only one that actually worked (ytmp3.cc) was down at the time, and all the others were either gonna install a virus on my system or just not do anything. If I were to use the link as evidence, it would not be valid anymore as the video is now private. And about your question on how I found this. When I initially broke the news to a couple of well-known Toronto-based bus nuts, (to my knowledge) someone went and told a Facebook group of Ontario-based transit enthusiasts about the events, Bus_Medic caught on, started this topic, and then I was informed by a friend of mine that this topic had been started, so I decided to hop on the bandwagon and reveal what happened, intending to clear things up.
  2. Because I did. I'm no longer gonna be stalling on reporting his activities to CrimeStoppers or the police. I will also no longer be updating this forum on his activities, as I feel like I am only starting a flame war instead of helping you guys out.
  3. Bad news. I've received a video from my spy and it appears Swiper has broken into that MCI, and started it. God knows if he stole anything or not. I will not be sharing the video due to privacy reasons.
  4. The whole reason I made an account on CPTDB was to provide the information I had, since I basically have the most info out of anyone who could possibly have info on what the looter has done and their next steps.
  5. I will send part of my face to you as proof that I'm not SpadinaAve2134. Just to clarify, when I said "It was his word, not mine" I was referring to what the looter had said. I have no idea if GO actually uses init-branded equipment.
  6. I have the screenshots if you'd like. It was his word, not mine.
  7. I know you guys aren't too fond of me for my bad response to this and my failure to realize what was happening, but I've got some bad news. The looter has hit his 4th confirmed bus today. I have screenshots from a Discord server of the looter bragging about stealing the Luminator ODK3 from a (possibly) retired GO MCI, near FIBA Canning where he looted the Orion 1. What's worse is that he's not done yet with that MCI, and he's going to loot the bus again on Sunday, and steal some init-branded equipment. For the record, I wasted no time and my local police is aware of this, and I'm hoping TPS is given a heads-up about this recent break-in. Correction, according to my research, the location of the bus is in York, not near FIBA.
  8. I understand you are all frustrated at my sloppy way of responding to this and handling this, and I apologize for that previously mentioned sloppy response to this whole mess. I do wish I reported this to TPS earlier, but I did eventually end up reporting this to TPS, so TPS was and is aware of this, though I have no word on their actions or if they have even opened an investigation into this matter.
  9. I tried to verbally explain to him why everything he was doing was a bad idea and just outright illegal because I didn't want to piss him off to the point where he would injure me. I never intended to trespass or be an accessory to his BS, and at the time, I had no idea I was trespassing, as there were no private property signs or even a fence near or around 7423 and 8520, it looked like just a normal parking lot. Plus, I didn't even know we were going to Wajax until it was too late, as he had told me we were going to photograph MiWay buses.
  10. I didn't take any loot, nor did I participate in the vandalising of 7423 and 8520, so I see no way how any of this can backfire on me.
  11. It isn't just the exterior that's been messed up, the interior's also a mess. While I don't have any photos to show how bad the damage is, I do know what was damaged, as I saw the looter damage everything with my own eyes. The electrical compartment on the roof at the back above the HVAC is heavily damaged, the driver's area is damaged, a window and the right side windshield are smashed, the front door mechanism got messed up, the entire interior is coated in Carbon Dioxide from DRT 8520's fire extinguisher (which he used to damage a window), the HVAC area is damaged, the engine area had a brick or a cinderblock thrown at it, there are interior panels everywhere inside the bus, the rear roof hatch is damaged, the engine hatch now falls shut under its own weight, dozens of screws now have their heads completely stripped, the emergency releases on several of the windows are messed up, and there are cut and exposed wires all over the driver's area. By the way, since I witnessed the looter loot DRT 8520 & 7423 and damage them, I'm open to questions from anyone. Shoot me a message and I'll get back as soon as I can.
  12. It's true. Back when me and him were friends, he kept saying he was gonna move to Edmonton, then he called it off, and now with the recent lootings and the immense backlash he's receiving, he's dying to get to Edmonton. I have no word on whether he has fled Ontario yet, but I know he's going to leave Ontario soon. For the record, I did not support or promote the looting, nor did I take anything.
  13. He did initially have intentions of selling the Allison selector from 7423, as he was aware of its value, though he later dropped the idea of profiting off of this looting,
  14. I'll add on to this by saying the looter has also broken into DRT 8520 while looting the OG and managed to steal the front stop bell, Luminator ODK4, and handheld fire extinguisher, as well as damaged the build plate. He did it in a very crude way, by cutting the cables with scissors or bruteforcing the cables out along with his desired item. There are also rumours going around that he was responsible for a recent incident at McNicoll garage, where someone broke into the garage and allegedly stole parts from or intended for 2252. The looter also had plans to loot Langilles of possible Orion Vs.
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