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  1. so 96xx and 98xx. I pure, straight HATE them.
  2. Many of the HSR drivers I talked to said that they want the C40LF and Novas to be the first to go. I personally want the C40LFs out of my city on account of the fact that they are embarrassingly slow.
  3. Invero, Is 7047 still in the yard or is it carted off? Another thing, that same day, I saw a completely blank Orion V heading to the garage. I think it was 7079-94. I need confirmation of that fact.
  4. Damn you BT!!! I was at the garage on Wednesday and I wanted to see/ride 7047-82 and now it's retired!? I want to be the last one who rides 7047 before it's taken out of the yard. If any of you know someone from BT, tell them Chris still has unfinished business. I wish it was available for one last ride.
  5. I was fanning yesterday. Here's what happened. From Dundas, I took 9911 (Orion VI) which was almost out of CNG. Luckily, I got off at University Plaza to catch 9621 (New Flyer C40LF) which by the way shouldn't be on the B-Line. I took that to MacNab and went to Burlington. I was on a hunt for 7047-82 (Fishbowl) but it was in vain. In Burlington I rode 7020-03 (Invero) on the 1 Fairview-Plains until Burlington GO, Then 7007-85 (Classic) on the 8 Harvester to Appleby GO. I rode 7032-06 (Blue Bird) on the 4 Pinedale-East back to Appleby. I then rode 7037-07 (D40LF) on the 10 New East to Downtown, catching another D40LF (7035-06) to Burlington GO. I decided to return home on 7066-91 (Orion V). Back in Hamilton, I hopped on the first bus out of downtown which conveniently was 0515 (5C West Hamilton) to Emerson. Which leads me to my next point, they need to hurry and get more artics or have 2-3 busses piggy-backing on the routes around MacMaster. I got out of the sardine can (0515) and hopped on 0403 (52 Dundas), I absolutely hated the driver, his rudeness and the fact that he changed the destination sign before Ogilvie. It said "TO HEAD STREET VIA KING EAST" when I got on it at Mac, and he changed it to read "TO PIRIE/GOVERNORS". My friend actually had the same experience as me with regards to his outright rudeness. He wouldn't let her on the bus and she was in a rush to get home. I hope I never experience that Half-Wit again. To make a long story short, I had fun up until my ride on 0403. I still want to ride the Fishbowl though. Happy reading. Chris.
  6. Well, for lack of a better word. We got SCREWED Again!! At least it wasn't Dion.
  7. What I meant by shortage was there seems to be a shortage of non NFI buses. I wish they would scrap all the "emotion-less" D40LFs and create more variety. A couple 30 foot NABI, Flxible or ElDorados would be nice.
  8. From what company? From the data at hand, one could only assume it's more DE60LFRs. Good that they're solving the bus shortage though.
  9. What's the story behind 8251? Was it a one-off Grumman? Can it be saved? It's much better than the x40LFs that roam the city.
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