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  1. As far as I know, all of BT's D40LFs are the same as the 08s. Maybe they'll be as quick as the 06s (7033-06 is the fastest). HSR meanwhile should take full advantage of the ElDorado end of the deal and buy 15 EZ Rider II Maxs. That's how my fictional town of Whitco does it.
  2. 3 Wheelchairs? Really? It must be bigger on the inside.
  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! It can't happen! Also let's hope a certain driver gets 7033-06 on the 8 on Wednesday. After all, it is his favourite. It could happen. 7041-07 was on the 8 last week driven by "The General". Happy Alternate Universe day chuckles had by all. Maybe Oakville should have an Alternate Universe Day, perhaps putting 883 on the 14, hint, hint, Jan.
  4. Sorry Dave and Jan. I meant BT drivers. And good idea on the rocket launcher, Dave.
  5. Fishbowl's survival chances just slimmed down some. Here's how. The 3 remaining UTA Classics (Salt Lake Rockets as I called them) might be next along with the Quebec rejects--I mean refurbs. Also, much to the chagrin of some drivers, like "The General", "Santa Claus" and enthusiasts like myself, Dave, Jan and Buschic, 7054-87 and 7055-87 are apparently getting rebuilt. and won't be going anywhere soon. Dave, bring the baseball bat, we have 54 and 55 to kill. I heard this from a driver who normally drives a D40LF on the Route 1. I can't give out his name on the board, but all I can tell you is he wears cop shades, and no it isn't who you think either.
  6. I actually got the clock. It's in a Shoppers bag in my bedroom.
  7. 0106 was on the 19. When I was fanning today around Square One, I saw it. Also 9806 was running on the 316 and 9304 was parked at the terminal.
  8. Sorry. It's just I got scared. I'm going to BT Land tomorrow to pick up a clock radio for my mother for Easter. I'll also have my cell phone with me so I could take pictures. I could check if 24-03 is back on the road. I'm also going to Mississauga once I've picked up the clock.
  9. Considering GO still has all of its D4500s, this doesn't look right. Did this one have a lift? If not, it might be an ex-Greyhound bus.
  10. Tell me 24-03's not back!!
  11. Can somebody schedule the Prevosts to come to Hamilton? It's a rare sight at McMaster. Also, where is Steeprock?
  12. Within the next 2 years, I guarantee it. I heard from one of the veteran drivers that it could be the Fishbowl and the Orions left.
  13. From what I've heard, the STCUQ Classics (7002 to 7008) will be retired along with 7054 and 7055. 7047 could live on and should live on until 2011.
  14. I saw 7043-08 with the new Mapleview ad wrap. It was running on the 4.
  15. I heard they would be 7046-09, 7048-09 to 7056-09. The obvious exception being 7047, which is being used by the Fishbowl.
  16. And I take it 897 still has the bullet holes. I hope it or 883 is on the 14 tomorrow when I'm fanning. Oh and I'm applying for a job with BT as a Customer Service rep. I got an application last Thursday when I was at the Garage. It seems like every time I ask to see the yard, everyone's busy or it's a busy time. And I have a tip for you driving or riding on a Blue Bird Ultra LF. Pack yourself some Tylenol. You're gonna need it, if you know what I mean. If you have a headache, switch to a quieter bus, like an Orion V. Finally tonight, if you have a headache, avoid 'Birds at all costs. There's only 5 in the fleet, but still. Better safe than sorry.
  17. Sorry, I screwed up again. It was 5105.
  18. It was an older driver. I know because my friend, who I had just met at the stop on Harvester waiting for the Route 8, and I saw 5104 heading out of the garage.
  19. Are there any retired buses at the yard? If so, where in the yard would the retired buses be? ie. Fishbowls (7026-78), Orion IIs (7094-98 etc), the Orion I (7042-81).
  20. Last night I was riding 7080-94 on the route 1 and I noticed a different shifting pattern. Do the 1994 Orion Vs have Voith D863s like Oakville's? I also got an application for a customer service job and introduced a few drivers and a young man who works at BT to the board.
  21. That's what I heard. It did seem weird to see Oakville Transit 5105 coming out of the BT Garage. I was waiting for the Route 8 when I saw it. Here's what else I saw: 1: 7080-94, 7077-94, 7006-86, 7063-90, 7009-03, 7018-03, 7035-06 2: 7069-91, 7013-83 4: 7045-08 6: 7065-91 8: 7012-83, 7011-83, 7068-91 10: 7054-87, 7037-07 11/15: 7067-91, 7079-94, 7031-06 (Why?) 12: 7005-85 61: 7062-90 62: 7066-91 7047-82 apparently did the 8 in the morning. That is what I saw in BT Land
  22. Chris W


    About the looks of the Aztek, it's...different. And I WANT A TATA NANO!!
  23. Oh. I thought there were some HF runs for the 1, 2, 3, 52 etc.
  24. I have a question. Are there any occurances in which there are high floor buses on routes that go into Downtown GO? If so, what routes?
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