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  1. 2 Part question. 1. Where is MTB, because I've never been there. 2. Is the Orion VII HEV demo 1043 still on the property, and if so, where?
  2. I personally think that it should be 3 for the artics (i.e. 924) and 4 digits for the 40 footers (i.e. 0901). At least they're not adding digits like they did before.
  3. I have a question about the new 2009 D40LF's. Will they be numbered 0901-0917 or 901-917? All but one of the new DE60LFRs are numbered with 3 digits, 921-937. 0920 is the only one that isn't.
  4. Anybody going to the Rapid Transit Community Update Meeting tomorrow? I heard it's a town hall setting. Kevin, can you please give me some more info on this?
  5. I heard they are preserving 518203. That could have something to do with the "NO" on the front.
  6. It was on the 11/15 all day if I recall correctly.
  7. Anybody know the status of the lone Leyland Olympian, 8500? I want to check it out some time in the near future. On the Wiki, it still says it's active.
  8. Believe it or not, he actually loved the fact that he got 7047. It was either 7047 or 7054. If you drove for BT, you would have done the same. Oh and I just got your joke. Funny.
  9. 7047-82 (Fishbowl) was running on the 10 rush-hour extra. It took over for 7077-94, which had a major coolant leak. I rode 47 on the 10 for nearly 3 hours. I LOVED IT!!!
  10. 1 all day. 2 rush hour buses come in at both GOs around 3:30, making 3 buses operating on both Route 8s.
  11. Route 8 during the previous block was always half full, depending on the driver/route. 8 Harvester had a good size amount during PM rush-hour. 8 North Service has always been slow, especially on Mainway. Also, the 8 is the best chance to see 7047-82 in regular service, for those Fish-finders.
  12. From what I heard, all the refurbs are getting the axe.
  13. This could go well. I want the Orion or the ELF. I could donate the Orion (142) to Routes Youth Centre and the ELF to Salvation Army Dundas. Speaking of prices, an Oakville driver told me that 883's going for $500 when it gets retired. Is that true?
  14. The driver I had on the 1 West on Wednesday told me that it was 7017-03. Mind you, he thought it was 7017. He told me that he had 7047-82 on Tuesday on the 1!! He said the brakes squeal in pain on 7047. He normally wears white gloves for those familiar to BT circles.
  15. 2006 and 2007 respectively. 9113 and 8913 were the last ones in service by April 23, 2007.
  16. 7018 will be missed. I hope 7054 and 7055 follow suit. In other Invero news, How long has 7009-03 been out on the road with no horn?
  17. Today, while on the 12 (7065-91), I talked to the driver who drove 7032-06 on the 1. Apparently, it got packed before it left Appleby GO. Luckily he changed off to another bus later that night.
  18. Thanks for the many pictures and memories, Classics. It's been fun. The last time I saw one was yesterday at Macklin and King. RIP Classics. You will be missed. I'm sorry the Classics are being (forcibly) retired. Congrats HSR, you are now 100% accessible. I can't wait until the new Artics arrive. I'll be first in line.
  19. I heard a rumor that ALL of the MCI Classics are running tomorrow for the last time. Is this true, and if it is, does anyone want to do the final run with me?
  20. In Oakville, 883 had a rear ad for the new Subaru Impreza WRX. Also the blue/orange paint is peeling off of 7069-91's engine cover.
  21. Rare sighting of Greyhound Canada 8046 (MC-9?) at the Burlington Terminal!!
  22. 7041, I believe, still has the Halton Honda wrap on the driver's side. 7040 still has the snowflakes on the rear. Why, I don't know?
  23. 54-87 has no ads on either side.
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