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  1. 10 hours ago, 3302 said:

    Route 27 will be changing January 3 2022, it will become a 9 metre bus and be renamed to 27 Chicopee-Freeport

    Is this replacing the 901 as well? And have the VMC Classic buses finally arrived?

  2. On 8/20/2021 at 2:36 PM, Michel said:

    Reviving an old thread but I just got a good look at bus # 1901 today.  Oddly it has a rear destination sign (which was not in use).

    A couple of the 1900s have been seen on the Thunder Bay-Winnipeg route. 1903 and 1905 were seen and photographed outside Kenora.



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  3. 10 hours ago, M. Parsons said:

    Beaumont Transit resumes service on August 23, 2021, running to Heritage Valley as an interim measure until they eventually move to Mill Woods Transit Centre. 

    I believe the contractor is now PWT, although, I cannot confirm that 100%. On Demand is being investigated for local service.

    Will it still be using the XD40s?

  4. 53 minutes ago, 110B West Pickering said:

    It really depends on where you are

    Pickering and Ajax each get 1 ProMaster deployed to them, Bowmanville and Courtice each have one.

    they keep a 5th as a spare.

    the rest is all contracted

    People will get confused by the cabs. There needs to be at least 3 ProMasters for every area that's lost service. Cabs are not acceptable in my mind.

  5. There is now a third bus for use on the Windsor-Toronto route. It's a 35 foot TEMSA TS 35E, numbered 18. According to the VIN, it's ex Ontario Northland L1907, which was sent back to Damera Bus Sales some time in 2020. The driver of bus 20 (on the 16:30 Toronto-Ottawa route) told me that there is apparently a fourth unit numbered 21, which is another 35 foot unit. 

    IMG_4078.thumb.JPG.5f775a6ee58d7297f310581e69571630.JPG IMG_4080.thumb.JPG.cfe391d09331b693a6243da1dd59fe7c.JPG

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  6. 5 hours ago, 97SCT said:

    Should also be known two new units for the Char-A-Van service were bought last year. Units 2032-33 and they are Ford Transit 350HD's. Here's 2033 this afternoon.


    In reading the Overland Custom Coach website, I have determined what this is. It's a Glaval Bus Commute body on a Ford Transit chassis.

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  7. Apparently another new service has opened in Ontario, this time in the underutilized Hamilton-London corridor. It's called P.A Systm Transit (that's actually how they spell it) and they apparently use 56 passenger highway coaches. They also have a line run that goes from Hamilton to Niagara Falls. There's not much known about this new service but I certainly wish them luck.


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  8. In reading their website, it would appear as it makes local stops in the less populous areas along that corridor, including a stop at the hilariously misspelled "CABOURG". They also need to put in the stop locations so that people won't get confused trying to find where the bus is.

  9. 10 minutes ago, MCIBUS said:

    There was a commuter service between Ottawa & Cornwall, not sure if still running or not I think it was run by Delany(or something like that), but I think either Leduc or 417 took it over but not sure.

    You're referring to the Rural Partner route 515 that was taken over by 417 Bus Lines after they bought Delaney. As far as I know, those runs will be reinstated once the pandemic ends (if it ever ends). Here's the bus they normally used on it, bus 32-97 leaving Place du Portage on the afternoon commuter trip.


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  10. 2 hours ago, roeco said:

    I would think they would be getting more.

    They would have to. I also wonder if they'll do seven days a week on that corridor as it's a very busy corridor. I could also see them taking over Hamilton-Guelph and Hamilton-Kitchener as Coach Canada has cut both corridors.

  11. 18 hours ago, roeco said:

    Rider Express has announced on fb they r starting service to Windsor in mid July.

    They'll need more buses for that service since they only have two units in Ontario at the moment.

  12. So to sum up: Instead of reinstating service beyond the current skeleton frequency levels, they somehow have enough in the budget for a pilot project revolving around security checks? They're not an airline.

    Message to VIA: This is NOT the thing you should be focusing on. Reinstating regular service levels back to before the pandemic SHOULD BE what you should focus on.

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  13. 3 hours ago, curlingteam333 said:

    Rider Express just got 2 new bus for Toronto Ottawa bus. It’s all Temsa bus looks like. One with accessible and one without. As according to Facebook on Rider Express Facebook page. 

    They're TS 45 buses numbered 19 and 20.

  14. 56 minutes ago, Cimon8000 said:

    Does that mean the end of the current Eldorado's fleet?

    It means the end of fixed route transit service in Fort Erie. I think TOK will keep the ElDorados for other contracts.

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