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  1. 6 hours ago, 110B West Pickering said:

    Glad to see you found the photo I shared.

    there’s many upcoming service changes with routes being established,



    - Every 30 minutes on weekday evenings, and weekends


    - Every 30 minutes on weekends


    - Extended to Windfields Farm Drive and Thuroughbred Avenue via North Campus,

    - Reinstating 10 minute daytime frequency

    EFFECTIVE September 2022

    211 West Ajax

    - New Base route operating between Ajax GO and Pickering Parkway Terminal via Westney, Ravenscroft, Williamson, Westney, Rossland, Church, Kingston, Notion, and Pickering Parkway

    216 Harwood North

    - Introduction of 15 minute service on weekdays

    - Alternating trips between 216 to Salem And Taunton, and 216c to Williamson and Audley

    222 Audley South

    - AM/PM peak route via Westney, Bayly, Audley, Ashbury, Range Line and Pickering Beach back to bayly to the GO Station

    409 Garrard Stevenson

    - Reinstating former route 409B on weekdays only

    411 South Courtice

    - Extension in AM/PM Peak to Oshawa GO

    - Route adjustments in South Courtice to better match demand, simplify operating patterns, and better serve secondary schools

    900 PULSE Highway 2

    - Reinstating 20 minute frequencies to Scarborough


    - Introduction of 15 minute frequencies during the daytime, alternating trips between Pickering Parkway Terminal and McCowan RT Station


    the Tender documents are out for the 8 electric buses


    But you know what I'm not seeing? WHITBY. Otherwise known as the town DRT forgot. When are the local buses coming back to Whitby?

  2. 3 hours ago, Gil said:

    I've seen the buses along the Harbourfront, do they not have a display with the destination?  Not even a paper sign in the window?  Given their limited destinations from Toronto it shouldn't be a problem as long as they're all separated by time.

    The ex Ontario Northland unit (5044) has the sign programmed for the Toronto trips. The other destinations aren't programmed in the signs. The second hand H3-45s don't have signs installed yet to my knowledge. Personally, I think they should program in their schedule number and destination. For example:

    2704 Kitchener-Guelph-Toronto Harbourfront

  3. 14 minutes ago, BramptonTransitFan84 said:

    Just a note that 7011 is now being decomissioned. 7007 & 7010 are still sitting in the dead row fully decomissioned

    I had a feeling it was. Does this mean the 2022s will enter service shortly?

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  4.  I ventured out to Toronto to photograph the two afternoon departures. I discovered by photographing and running the VIN numbers that the two Prevost X3-45 buses are both second hand units. Knowing Flixbus' penchant for using the final four digits of the VIN as their fleet numbers, these units are 7308 (2011 Prevost X3-45, ex Ontario Northland 5215) and 5504 (2016 Prevost X3-45, ex Indian Trails MI-134). They also apparently use a Prevost H3-45 for the morning trip to Ottawa along with an MCI J4500 as either a spare or expansion unit.

    I say "expansion" because I discovered on my way home last night that there is a stop on Main Street West near McMaster University at the same location as the old Coach Canada stop.

    1441474384_IMG_78002.thumb.JPG.834d11a84d3b936e5b19b773827fc916.JPG2020486655_IMG_78012.thumb.JPG.17346fdeebfb43709c861c3173c30249.JPG 780782885_IMG_77792.thumb.JPG.3b721de2dff4a458b7d37fc2830c6a09.JPG

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  5. 4 hours ago, Flalex72 said:

    Most FlixBus contractors run FlixBus branded equipment. It's still owned by the operator, just wrapped for the client. Similar to the Porter Shuttle or many other corporate bus services.

    I hope that, at the very least, Flixbus gave Gallexy funds to purchase new equipment. Their equipment roster lists a bunch of Prevost coaches that are, in some cases, almost 25 years old, which won't fly with today's passengers.

  6. 1 hour ago, GTAmissions1 said:

    YRT is discontinuing Wi-Fi on select buses. The news release seems mixed up. The title says it is 5 which would be 1062 to 1066, not 9 unless they added a few additional units that were not posted. 

    This was part of the 320 Beaver Creek Express between Davis Drive Park and Ride (Davis Drive/Highway 404) and Beaver Creek Business Area via Highway 404 operating during weekday peak periods. Introduced on September 6, 2016.

    It seems like YRT is trying their hardest to turn riders away. Anything to save a buck I guess. But York Region is famous for senselessly cutting service and wasting money on inane projects or advertising to "win back" customers despite doing nothing about the extremely high fares and poor (at best) service that they caused.

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  7. On 3/28/2022 at 7:24 PM, Oc4526 said:

    Here’s a CityTv news release (basicly same info) 

    I also noticed that Flex Bus will have some sort of 🚲 racks on some trips (possibly internally mounted in the luggage rack or front bumper mounted). 



    This leads me to thinking that they're going to run their own buses maintained by Gallexy Tours. Any word yet on what the fleet will consist of?

  8. 16 minutes ago, newflyerinvero said:

    Slight correction, but there are 7 LFSS for the 2021 budgetd order that has arrived. Nothing else until the fall when the official budgeted 2022 LLFSs to arrive.

    I meant to mention this about a month ago but I hadn't gotten around to it.
    Back in February, while discussing with Sue Connor as part of the BFAST fotelconference, the discussion was brought up about the electric buses.
    While she was discussing with us, she had, on her desk, an application for funding for the electrid buses and its related infrastructure, to be sent to CUTRIC.
    Sometime this year, the rollout schedule and information about the electrid buses will be available.

    It would be rather interesting to see an electric bus trial similar to York Region and Brampton running around the streets of Burlington.

    It was so interesting in fact that it repeated itself three more times. Darn technology.

  9. Are we any closer to reinstating full service along the Corridor (especially in Southwest Ontario) and long distance service like Sudbury-White River back to pre-COVID levels now that restrictions are being eased? 

    A huge brace of trains are still yet to come back, particularly those heading west from Toronto to Windsor. Those being: 78, 79, 82, 83, 85 and 88.

  10. 1 hour ago, DiltonPlayz said:

    Also, is this a 40 zone?!

    Oh....that was supposed to be a joke!? So edgy. The thing is, jokes are supposed to be FUNNY. This wasn't. 

    1 hour ago, DiltonPlayz said:

    I've been in Burlington all my life, so...

    I really wonder who the wiseguy is who decided to replace the D40LFs, I mean, why replace something if it still works?! 

    7011-09 still has a Budds Subaru ad on the door side. 

    (and yes, my fav bus is 7011-09)

    We know. We've seen you foam over it within the past three days. What you seem to not understand is that every bus has a certain lifespan in service. Once a bus is deemed not feasible to keep, it's retired and either sold off to somewhere else or disposed of. It's the natural order of things.

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  11. 7 minutes ago, DiltonPlayz said:

    Any D40LFs running? Also, do they have Meteor Axles in Brampton?!


    Also, have you seen 7011-09?! Because it's my favourite bus!

    How do you make a destination sign gif?!

    Did you not read the whole post? He said he'll update us when he can. You're spamming the thread now.

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  12. 4 minutes ago, DiltonPlayz said:

    Sorry Chris. I'm new here... 

    Nice how you know the date!

    Because I checked the upload date and I still have the original photo on my laptop.

  13. 1. Who told you you could use MY photo of 7011-09 (that I took on March 25, 2013) as your profile photo? Please do not use other people's photos without either asking first or giving the original photographer credit. That's theft.

    2. I have not updated the Wiki in a bit as I've been busy with work.

    3. As it stands, we don't know exactly how many buses are retiring so can we please calm down about this topic?

  14. 4 hours ago, SDGBusFan said:

    Stratford Transit 2283 and 2284 spotted in-transit for delivery at Petro-Canada in Summerstown, Ontario today, (Friday, March 4th, 2022) at around 07:20. Spotted with no decals, or bike racks. One was displaying McCarthy, other displaying East End on the destination sign.


    New or old driver's window?

  15. 55 minutes ago, hamilton.area.transit said:

    7007-09 is retired. Saw a video of it being towed away from the garage with the fleet numbers and BT logo covered in black paint.

    He corrected it. It's 7004-09 not 7007.

  16. 2 hours ago, smallspy said:

    The fish and chips place is okay. The real reason for going there is Grandad's Donuts.



    I agree. I need to thank Matthew Green for introducing me to Granddad's. If you haven't been before, you should. The donuts are excellent.

  17. 13 minutes ago, hamilton.area.transit said:

    Kindve surprised they are going with electric 40 footers. Maybe these are a "project"🤷‍♂️

    This particular tender is for the buses used for Home to Hub (OnDemand) and Care-A-Van (paratransit) service. These cutaways are tendered to replace the ARBOC buses that are due for retirement soon.

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