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  1. 1 hour ago, Joshuamumble said:

    Just saw it today doing a Toronto-North Bay run, it seems to be a 2022 TEMSA TS-45


    It's the one that was leased before. This, I believe, is unit 1308 when it was first used with Ontario Northland.

  2. 22 minutes ago, hamilton.area.transit said:

    Anyone know if this new seatbelt for drivers is a law now? Both Nova and New Flyer do it now, and ive heard bad reviews on them. To tight against their neck and very tight against the chest. 

    I believe it's now provincial law to include shoulder belts in the driver's compartment on any new bus purchases.

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  3. 14 hours ago, Michel said:

    Seems like Ontario Northland has received an order of Prevost H3-45 coaches.  Spotted one fully decalled at the Sudbury garage today.

    Did you get a fleet number? I know that they have at least three Prevosts from Angel Tours on loan. They have SPRING, SUMMER and WINTER.

  4. 2 hours ago, MCIBUS said:

    Does Ontario Northland have any Prevosts in their fleet? The reason I ask is they don't perhaps there trying to standardize their parts to be just MCI?

    They do. The older X3-45s are the only Prevosts they have, unless they purchased the buses that Angel Tours ran.

  5. 5 hours ago, Seashore_518203 said:

    Yes, when I said they had 8 Temsas at one time, what I actually meant was they had 8 35' buses at one time (MCI B1910 and Temsas 1908, L1912-L1914, 2001-2003). You are correct noting that they still have the J3500 which means that there are still 2 35' vehicles in the fleet.

    I also realized that I meant to put J3500 in my comment.

  6. On 9/21/2022 at 1:27 PM, Seashore_518203 said:

    After only a couple of years in service, Ontario Northland is selling Temsa buses # 2001 and 2003.



    It is interesting that Ontario Northland at one time had 8 TS35 buses but now will be down to 1. I assume that is being kept for the Cochrane rail connect service.

    They also have the J3500, B1910, that they often use for service.

  7. 13 hours ago, J. Hollingsworth said:

    Yes, all destinations signs now show exactly what they should.

    The route number, and the destination in BIG letters.

    Nothing else... oh wait, THEY"RE HIRING!

    In all seriousness, having a route name is pointless at best, especially when you look at routes like the 103, or the 224, neither of these routes serve exclusively or even primarily either of these two routes namesake streets. So simply saying, 103 Pine Grove, or 224 Taunton, is a fine solution, especially for the new routes like the 211, or the 920 that would be really hard to attach meaningful route names to.

    While yes the signs may look weird, they certainly are an improvement.

    How is programming a sign to make it harder to read an "improvement". Setting aside the fact that they look ugly and uneven (a DRT trademark before they went with the more effective stacked signs), there was nothing wrong with the sign program they had before. Then again, at least you don't have PR signs that are visible longer than the route exposure (looking at you York Region and Kingston).

    Also why change them at all when there's still service that's still yet to be reinstated (looking at you majority of Whitby)? 

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  8. 23 minutes ago, Orion V said:

    For the GO weekend pass, if I were to go to Hamilton, does it matter if I pick Hamilton GO Stn or West Harbour GO Stn for the destination?
    If I intend to take one trip on GO 16 bus then one trip on GO Lakeshore West train.

    I believe you can use both stations as they're in the same zone, per my understanding.

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  9. 10 hours ago, DiltonPlayzYT said:

    Well, there goes the last Orion VI in Canada... 


    Press F to pay respects.

    Can you not invade every thread with inane streamer language?

  10. 3 hours ago, DiltonPlayzYT said:

    Eh, I got LOADS of connections at BT. Speaking of which, when I was at the garage to pick the plaque up, I went to 7011-09 and saw it in the yard. I pressed the hazards switch, it worked and 7011 was coming back to life. So yes, I believe 7011 is gonna go to an auction or another city. 

    You're really pushing to have transit fans feel unwelcome in Burlington aren't you? You don't brag about something like that. It gives us in the hobby a bad name.

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  11. 3 hours ago, FutureHeartsJunkie said:

    While such a service from Kingston to Oshawa is feasible - do keep in mind that the GO buses do not have any washrooms onboard (not like Megabus/Coach Canada, Rider Express).

    Having a shuttle running along Highway 2 from Oshawa to Kingston - would be too extreme and too far!

    It should also be noted that this shuttle is actually an OnDemand type service. Details of which are still to be determined.

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  12. 3 hours ago, DiltonPlayzYT said:

    Who told em?

    Oh....I don't know....perhaps someone who somehow came back from being banned (and still learned nothing) haranguing our contact with inane questions and ranting about bus retirements?

    3 hours ago, DiltonPlayzYT said:


    Also, was wondering... while I was at the garage, I saw 2 D40LFs at the back of the garage, not in the dead row.

    Why are the 2 D40LFs there, is it for scrapping or is it because they are selling them?

    And you wonder why you won't get an answer.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Mark Walton said:

    I used OnEx for a Toronto-Kitchener (Sportsworld) trip May 22. I found it OK but not spectacular. Left from 44 York, beside Royal York Hotel, trip time ~ 90 minutes, same for return trip. Going out, my bus was KL03, which appears to have an ex-Greyhound fleet number (1256?) on the forward roof. The picture I took of it is 10 MB+ so I couldn't post it.  I didn't get a picture of my return bus, nor did I note its number, but it was painted mostly black. The operator was D2D Limousine services or something like that.

    Is there a way you can compress the image down to below 10 MB to allow you to post it?

  14. 6 hours ago, 110B West Pickering said:

    Glad to see you found the photo I shared.

    there’s many upcoming service changes with routes being established,



    - Every 30 minutes on weekday evenings, and weekends


    - Every 30 minutes on weekends


    - Extended to Windfields Farm Drive and Thuroughbred Avenue via North Campus,

    - Reinstating 10 minute daytime frequency

    EFFECTIVE September 2022

    211 West Ajax

    - New Base route operating between Ajax GO and Pickering Parkway Terminal via Westney, Ravenscroft, Williamson, Westney, Rossland, Church, Kingston, Notion, and Pickering Parkway

    216 Harwood North

    - Introduction of 15 minute service on weekdays

    - Alternating trips between 216 to Salem And Taunton, and 216c to Williamson and Audley

    222 Audley South

    - AM/PM peak route via Westney, Bayly, Audley, Ashbury, Range Line and Pickering Beach back to bayly to the GO Station

    409 Garrard Stevenson

    - Reinstating former route 409B on weekdays only

    411 South Courtice

    - Extension in AM/PM Peak to Oshawa GO

    - Route adjustments in South Courtice to better match demand, simplify operating patterns, and better serve secondary schools

    900 PULSE Highway 2

    - Reinstating 20 minute frequencies to Scarborough


    - Introduction of 15 minute frequencies during the daytime, alternating trips between Pickering Parkway Terminal and McCowan RT Station


    the Tender documents are out for the 8 electric buses


    But you know what I'm not seeing? WHITBY. Otherwise known as the town DRT forgot. When are the local buses coming back to Whitby?

  15. 3 hours ago, Gil said:

    I've seen the buses along the Harbourfront, do they not have a display with the destination?  Not even a paper sign in the window?  Given their limited destinations from Toronto it shouldn't be a problem as long as they're all separated by time.

    The ex Ontario Northland unit (5044) has the sign programmed for the Toronto trips. The other destinations aren't programmed in the signs. The second hand H3-45s don't have signs installed yet to my knowledge. Personally, I think they should program in their schedule number and destination. For example:

    2704 Kitchener-Guelph-Toronto Harbourfront

  16. 14 minutes ago, BramptonTransitFan84 said:

    Just a note that 7011 is now being decomissioned. 7007 & 7010 are still sitting in the dead row fully decomissioned

    I had a feeling it was. Does this mean the 2022s will enter service shortly?

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