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  1. They do. The older X3-45s are the only Prevosts they have, unless they purchased the buses that Angel Tours ran.
  2. I also realized that I meant to put J3500 in my comment.
  3. They also have the J3500, B1910, that they often use for service.
  4. How is programming a sign to make it harder to read an "improvement". Setting aside the fact that they look ugly and uneven (a DRT trademark before they went with the more effective stacked signs), there was nothing wrong with the sign program they had before. Then again, at least you don't have PR signs that are visible longer than the route exposure (looking at you York Region and Kingston). Also why change them at all when there's still service that's still yet to be reinstated (looking at you majority of Whitby)?
  5. Keep fighting buddy! You can beat this.
  6. I believe you can use both stations as they're in the same zone, per my understanding.
  7. Is the food any good by the way? I should try it but I'm not sure.
  8. Yeah the three cutaways are, in order: 1. Grech Motors GM40 2. Champion Bus Defender 3. ElDorado National Aerotech 4. Collins Bus MSFAB (MTA Access-a-Ride spec)
  9. That's none of your affair.
  10. Chris W

    Cornwall Transit

    Can you not invade every thread with inane streamer language?
  11. You're really pushing to have transit fans feel unwelcome in Burlington aren't you? You don't brag about something like that. It gives us in the hobby a bad name.
  12. It should also be noted that this shuttle is actually an OnDemand type service. Details of which are still to be determined.
  13. Oh....I don't know....perhaps someone who somehow came back from being banned (and still learned nothing) haranguing our contact with inane questions and ranting about bus retirements? And you wonder why you won't get an answer.
  14. Perfect. I caught 1502, one of their Sprinter vans on the 19:00 arrival last Friday.
  15. Is there a way you can compress the image down to below 10 MB to allow you to post it?
  16. But you know what I'm not seeing? WHITBY. Otherwise known as the town DRT forgot. When are the local buses coming back to Whitby?
  17. The ex Ontario Northland unit (5044) has the sign programmed for the Toronto trips. The other destinations aren't programmed in the signs. The second hand H3-45s don't have signs installed yet to my knowledge. Personally, I think they should program in their schedule number and destination. For example: 2704 Kitchener-Guelph-Toronto Harbourfront
  18. I had a feeling it was. Does this mean the 2022s will enter service shortly?
  19. Must you invade EVERY thread with your inane comments? Seriously, tone it down with the inane chatter. PLEASE!
  20. And I'm guessing this will only happen IF the Conservatives manage to get back in? That's the pessimist in me talking.
  21. I ventured out to Toronto to photograph the two afternoon departures. I discovered by photographing and running the VIN numbers that the two Prevost X3-45 buses are both second hand units. Knowing Flixbus' penchant for using the final four digits of the VIN as their fleet numbers, these units are 7308 (2011 Prevost X3-45, ex Ontario Northland 5215) and 5504 (2016 Prevost X3-45, ex Indian Trails MI-134). They also apparently use a Prevost H3-45 for the morning trip to Ottawa along with an MCI J4500 as either a spare or expansion unit. I say "expansion" because I discovered on my way home last night that there is a stop on Main Street West near McMaster University at the same location as the old Coach Canada stop.
  22. Probably not. The new replacement buses haven't arrived yet to my knowledge.
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