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  1. That's why I just focus on photographing school buses if they're used as a substitute for a regular transit bus (see Orangeville) or as a commuter route (see Howard Bus Service).
  2. My guess is that there were more buses on the production line then anticipated, which caused a backlog.
  3. So was Monday's sightings of the Proterras during PM rush hour a one time thing? And have there been any issues in rolling them out on pieces that go beyond 10:00am?
  4. It would surprise me more if Ford actually read something other than a dollars per gram chart. I really don't see this Ontario Line thing happening as there's no concrete plan for it. He basically torpedoed John Tory's plan out of pure spite for the fact that he lost the 2014 mayoral election to a more qualified candidate and Torontonians will continue to pay the price for it. I can't take anything Douglas says seriously unless it's "I hearby resign as premier of Ontario".
  5. I have a couple of questions: 1. If the proposed RDC takeover of the western part of the Corridor (i.e Southwestern Ontario), along with the Vancouver Island line, happen, will any previously retired Budd RDCs be coming back? 2. Has VIA decided on the numbers for the HEP3 coaches? I know there's 17 HEP1 cars being repurposed into HEP3s but would anyone happen to know what they'll be numbered?
  6. Per the town's Twitter, there are two Girardin/Blue Bird cutaways numbered 1833 and 1834 that operate the service. They run on a 30 minute frequency so two buses are required.
  7. I was lucky to photograph Howard 09299 back on June 3rd at Tunney's Pasture station. Ron should be commended for keeping the route in service for as long as he has. I hope someone can keep going with Ron's route and knowledge as a baseline.
  8. It's an excellent tracker. One question: Will Ville de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu be included in a future update? Or which other property are you hoping to add to it in future?
  9. They were sole sourced because NovaBus does not make a CNG version of the LFS Artic.
  10. I'd be interested in a Proterra Catalyst charter.
  11. Is that what usually runs on the Express route? If so, that's not a good thing.
  12. They're keeping those ones for the September service changes. As previously mentioned, only 0603 and 0611-0614 have retired. The rest, 0520, 0601-0602 and 0701-0709 are being stored in case they need them come September.
  13. It was doing a 41 Mohawk at the time. Judging by the location, that's west on Mohawk towards Upper James. I'm not sure the state of it so I can't say for certain if it can be repaired. I've seen buses come back from worse.
  14. On the Vicinity, there's an AC unit on the rooftop and your version is missing the marker lights on the bumper. For future versions, I would also suggest the "stock" variant without the EASB bumpers and the three lengths (27.5', 30' and 35'). Also of note, the AC unit on Vicinity buses built after 2017 have the Spheros logo on it. Also would it be possible to request an HSR version, with CNG propulsion? And perhaps an Orangeville Transit one (either 201601, 201602 or 201801)?
  15. I'm honoured but I don't really want to replace anybody's photos. That's just in bad taste.
  16. Is it a lease or was it purchased? And was it painted or all white?
  17. It would be because of not wishing to compete with VIA Rail yes?
  18. Apparently as of, at least January, the 30' Midis have been numbered 72430 and 72431. As for the two 35' Midis, I have no idea as yet.
  19. There are a few artics that have advertising on it. 0615, one of the 900s and a couple of the 1400s have it on the driver side of the trailer section.
  20. Kasper announced via their Facebook page that they have picked up two buses. The buses in question are the two 2012 Stallion Sunliner SLC830 that originally belonged to Saskatchewan Transportation Company. They retain their STC numbers 900 and 901 as well. I believe they will be used primarily for the Thunder Bay-White River line run.
  21. I believe they retired them due to the contractor change and the uncertainty surrounding it. I could be wrong though.
  22. I can do those if you wish. If they haven't been done already.
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