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  1. Kasper announced via their Facebook page that they have picked up two buses. The buses in question are the two 2012 Stallion Sunliner SLC830 that originally belonged to Saskatchewan Transportation Company. They retain their STC numbers 900 and 901 as well. I believe they will be used primarily for the Thunder Bay-White River line run.
  2. I believe they retired them due to the contractor change and the uncertainty surrounding it. I could be wrong though.
  3. I can do those if you wish. If they haven't been done already.
  4. Does anybody know if Ontario Northland has received their order of MCI J3500s?
  5. http://bus.gl/en/about-us/fleet/ They actually posted a fleet list on their website. This is a neat thing.
  6. They have been less than satisfied with the XD40s from what I've heard.
  7. I think it's either a Superior, a Champion or a Coachmen on what appears to be an old Dodge chassis. I may be wrong.
  8. I forgot to mention this earlier but when @Seashore_518203 and I were driving back from Ottawa, we passed a Red Deer D40LFR being trailered on the 401 near Belleville. I'm not sure where that particular unit is off to but I'd have to guess Cape Breton or perhaps one of the Exo properties.
  9. It takes time to commission a bus and prepare it for service. Multiply that by 17 and that's why it is taking so long.
  10. Chuck is on the rear of the Van Hools. On the way back from Ottawa, we followed one along the 401.
  11. The tour guide told us at St Laurent that the line of D60LFs were preparing for refurbishment. I could be wrong on that though.
  12. HSR, where I'm from, has had a mix of Compressed Natural Gas powered buses from 1992 onwards. Our first were the converted GM New Looks, then the 9100/9200 Orion Vs, 1999 Orion VIs, 2002 Ford ELF cutaways and 1996, 1998 and 2002-03 New Flyer C40LFs. In 2015, HSR overhauled the CNG fuelling facility and currently we have 29 New Flyer XN60 artics, 11 Grande West Vicinity CNG 30 foot buses and 97 NovaBus LFS Natural Gas 40 footers. We're locked in with CNG until at least 2021 because of the work on the fuelling station. We re-invested in CNG at the time when the price of CNG was less than the price of diesel.
  13. Well you're not. I can see that. They are in process of refurbishing the D60LFs in house.
  14. From my understanding, members can submit a short survey which will be available within a few weeks with suggestions and feedback for future conventions. That's what was voted on during the annual meeting.
  15. Having rested after the convention, I can tell you that was an excellent convention. Credit for the success of this convention rightfully goes to OC Transpo, STO, Cornwall TransIt, Leduc Bus Lines, 417 Bus Lines, Brockville Transit, Transcollines and Kingston Transit and, of course, the executive board of the BHA. I look forward to Iowa in 2020.
  16. 438 is, I believe, the WEGO shuttle to Niagara-on-the-Lake from the Bridge Street VIA Station that operates during the weekends in the summer. The route is run by Niagara Parks and it's unconfirmed but they purchased five ex GO Transit MCI D4500CTs for it.
  17. Have these units actually been confirmed as retired? Until I hear from a trusted source, I'm still putting them as active.
  18. Thanks for clearing that up. I had a feeling the 553 was absorbed.
  19. Did 417 Bus Line discontinue the 553 to Limoges and St Albert? I noticed their timetable has been removed from OC Transpo's site along with 417's. If so, when was this because the route was active as of this past January.
  20. I think it's because it's easier to house one garage in the east and one in the west. I believe Classic Alliance Motorcoach is a subsidiary company of Leduc.
  21. Hopefully it'll still be there when I show up. Also do the Lanark branded MCIs (3941-43) still operate on the Carleton Place route? People have spotted buses other than those three doing that route recently.
  22. How about you not try to burn bridges with administrators? You should count yourself lucky you haven't received a reprimand. You're not an admin. Stop acting like one!
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