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  1. I believe the 35 footers were bought for the Thunder Bay-Winnipeg extension.
  2. They purchased a few more Temsas to replace the ones they leased. I think there's now 7 of them. A far as I know, the J3500s are also there but since nobody's seen them, it's hard to know for sure what the roster looks like without a contact at ONTC.
  3. It unfortunately wouldn't surprise me considering how quickly they bailed on the Guelph-Owen Sound route. He seems a tad sketchy in my talks with him.
  4. 1. The support vehicle in question, 500343 is a Jeep Compass purchased in 2018. I need to update the support vehicle roster but I just haven't had the time. 2. 0913 is listed as having an "unknown" status because I edited it as such due to information I received from a contact at HSR saying the fire it had did not deem it to be a total loss. As to whether that's changed, I'm not too sure. I'll have to check with my contact. 3. When I was driving past the garage on a mask delivery last week, I noticed something on the hill. It is 0601, which has recently been spotted in the maintenance bay for a potential return to service if the September service changes do go ahead as planned. That's also why 0701-0709 are listed as "In Storage". 4. The reason the CPTDB Wiki is prohibiting you from adding photos is because an administrator has to approve you to be an editor. However, saying that it's "acting really stupid" is not helping your case for pending approval. Of course, you could be talking about the forum software that you're erroneously calling the CPTDB Wiki, which is its own entity.
  5. I have a couple of requests: One is a North American spec Van Hool TX45 and CX45, a TEMSA TS35 (NA spec, new and old style) and a TEMSA TS45. The other is a MAN Lion Bus in a livery for Service Tourisme Roulet in the French territory of St Pierre & Miquelon. I have attached the link for the latter vehicle on here. https://en.tourismerouletbustours.com/notre-autocar
  6. Would anybody happen to know the numbers of the two Ram Promaster/Creative Carriage CS-2 buses used on Para-Bus? Would they be 808 and 809? And what do the numbers 1729-8810 mean on the rear door of the Promasters?
  7. It was number 11 and it has since been spotted at City View Bus Sales in Mississauga, with the Kasper logos still on it. I'm guessing he sold it.
  8. Was it a hybrid or diesel? I ask because 3-623 has a white sign.
  9. I'm curious on this. Is Exo Roussillon short of equipment that they have to lease buses from Autobus Menard to cover service?
  10. I know that. The ElDorado EZ Riders used Allison. That's why I said that this could, theoretically, go either way.
  11. Interesting that they are purchasing 30 footers. This one could go either way. They might opt with a Vicinity just because it has a Voith transmission, which the Enviro 200 does not or go with the Metrolinx contract.
  12. How close is it to the big blue watery thing?
  13. Frank Cooke was the former manager of the Hamilton Street Railway. He lived to be 100 years of age. A good man.
  14. They also need it for the College Express because the capacity is greater on a high floor bus, especially on a route going to Lambton College.
  15. That's why I just focus on photographing school buses if they're used as a substitute for a regular transit bus (see Orangeville) or as a commuter route (see Howard Bus Service).
  16. My guess is that there were more buses on the production line then anticipated, which caused a backlog.
  17. So was Monday's sightings of the Proterras during PM rush hour a one time thing? And have there been any issues in rolling them out on pieces that go beyond 10:00am?
  18. It would surprise me more if Ford actually read something other than a dollars per gram chart. I really don't see this Ontario Line thing happening as there's no concrete plan for it. He basically torpedoed John Tory's plan out of pure spite for the fact that he lost the 2014 mayoral election to a more qualified candidate and Torontonians will continue to pay the price for it. I can't take anything Douglas says seriously unless it's "I hearby resign as premier of Ontario".
  19. I have a couple of questions: 1. If the proposed RDC takeover of the western part of the Corridor (i.e Southwestern Ontario), along with the Vancouver Island line, happen, will any previously retired Budd RDCs be coming back? 2. Has VIA decided on the numbers for the HEP3 coaches? I know there's 17 HEP1 cars being repurposed into HEP3s but would anyone happen to know what they'll be numbered?
  20. Per the town's Twitter, there are two Girardin/Blue Bird cutaways numbered 1833 and 1834 that operate the service. They run on a 30 minute frequency so two buses are required.
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