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  1. YES!! Not Nova!!!! I'm jumping up and down!!! I was rooting for NABI though with their stylish 60-BRT model.
  2. Do you know where some photos of the Nature Bus (9120?) are?
  3. I have 2 questions. It regards the 91xx and 92xx Orion V CNG. 1. What color is the rear vent arrangement on the 91s? 2. What bus was painted in a nature scheme?
  4. My uncle works at Diversified so I could ask him about it's whereabouts.
  5. 0612 was on the 25/26 tonight. It's the first time that I've seen an Artic on the mountain.
  6. Peter, I have several HSR drawings that I've done using templates of yours unless otherwise noted. Would it be OK to post some on this board? Here are the ones I have: 931, 982, 7727 (Fishbowl) 8201, 8204, 518203 (GM Artic|modified the doors on 518203) 8501, 8609, 8715, 8809 (Classic) 8901 (Orion V) 9101, 9201 (Orion CNG|modified) 8251 (Flxible Metro/Grumman 870|paperbus) 9601, 9801, 0201, 0301 (New Flyer C40LF|modified) 9701 (NovaBus LFS) 9901 (Orion VI|paperbus) 0401, 0501, 0701, 0801 (New Flyer D40LF) 510261 (Ford ELF CNG) 9888 (Orion II CNG) 0601 (New Flyer DE41LF|modified) 0614, 0901 (New Flyer DE60LFR|paperbus) And some fantasy liveries 9251 (NovaBus RTS|paperbus) 0351 (New Flyer Invero|paperbus) Can you let me know about these so I know whether or not I'm allowed to post or not? Chris
  7. 1. I want the digital signs to be thumbnail size and in green (Flip-Dot) for the older buses (92xx, 96xx, 97, etc). 2. I have rollsigns. It's just the Flip-Dots that are giving me trouble. I hope this helps. Chris
  8. 2 things. 1. Ryan, is it OK to use your Burlington Transit 7079-94 template to make a BT Orion 7067-91 (refurb)? 2. Can I make a request for some HSR and Burlington Transit buses (i.e. 7047-82) 3. How do you make digital destination signs? I'm stuck when it comes to that.
  9. This summer, I might plan to go bus fanning using GRT. Is there a chance that 793 will be in service and if so, what route does it normally run on?
  10. The other Mapleview wrapped bus you saw was 0403. It's in one of my fanning stories (The mean driver one on page 54.)
  11. When I was fanning a few weeks ago, "Keenur" had tagged 0515 by carving his name on the window wrap behind the driver's compartment. I noticed it when it was on the 18 Waterdown. Has Keenur struck other buses? It becomes personal if he defiles one of the Artics.
  12. GO Transit's new slogan should be, "Who needs eHarmony when you have GO Transit?" on account of the fact that I met a lady friend on the Lakeshore West Line from Oakville to Hamilton GO Centre. ME!! Of all people! ME!
  13. The D40LF and D60LF series are basically following a 1991 design. The LFRs are New Flyer's way of saying, "We're hip. We're with it." To put it lightly, the DxxLF and DxxLFR is like comparing John McCain (D40/60LF) to Barack Obama (D40/60LFR). HSR and Burlington Transit are consistent in ordering the D40LFs because of experience in owning it and it's easy to maintain. The LFR is an unproven bus to HSR and BT, though i heard BT's purchased some LFRs. I'll have a drawing of what I think it will look like shortly in the drawings thread.
  14. Hi, Me again. I'm telling another fanning story. Hope you're ready. I rode HSR 0509 (D40LF) to University Plaza where i caught 0611 (Artic). I took it to MacNab and caught the 1 East, which was 7037-07 (D40LF). I took it to B-Go where I catch the 8 Harvester. It was 7067-91 (Orion V), which I think likes me. I then took the 11 Appleby North to Wal-Mart Plaza. 7045-08 was running on the 11/15 when i was on it. Later, after grabbing lunch from McDonalds, I caught 7055-87 (Classic) on the 15 South to Appleby GO. I caught the 10 New-East which was using 7044-08. I took it to Lakeside Village, where I caught Oakville Transit 4103 (Orion VII) to Oakville GO. I saw OT 952 (1995 D40LF) at Hopedale. I transfered to the 27 White Oaks to Oakville Place riding 893 (D40!!!), where I tried some more shopping to no avail, I might add. I then got on 5104 (D40LF) to the GO station where I went on 9913 (Orion VI) on route 29. After having one last go at shopping, I left Wal-Mart having not found what I was looking for. On my way to the stop, I see 895 on route 19, It passes me and i wait for the next bus, 2108 (Orion VI). I absent-mindedly take the 15 Bridge which was 8103 (brand new D40LFR!!) thinking that it was faster than the 14. It wasn't. I got to Hopedale where I transfered to BT 7016-83 (Classic), on the 13 Rebecca-New. I wound up on 7077-94 (Orion V) on the 1 West where I headed back to Hamilton and rode 0601 (DE41LF), on the 5C West Hamilton to McMaster. That is where this lengthy shopping trip reaches it's conclusion. I hope you like it. Chris
  15. Here's one for you. What was the Christmas bus for this year?
  16. Here's one of my own creations. I thought I could be an "Articulate" poster It's a D60i.
  17. I noticed the serene and normal sounding shift pattern on 7067-91 when I went "mall fanning" on Friday night. For those waiting for a BT story, here's what happened. I took HSR 0704 (D40LF) To University Plaza where I transfered to the 10 B-Line. The bus I rode on the B-Line was 0610 (DE60LFR Artic) which i took to MacNab. I transfered again to the 1 East on 7067-91 (Orion) to Appleby GO. I rode 7047-82 on the 13 Rebecca-New East route to Hopedale Mall. BTW, It has a Zellers, Sobey's and a Tim Horton's. That's about it. I was supposed to do Christmas "Idea Shopping" but I got distracted, so I jotted down my top ten favourite buses in BT's fleet in my notepad. Guess what was number 1, I dare you. I saw OT 893 on the 31 and 897 on the 16 West (D40), 903 on the 16 East (Orion) and 5101 which had SPECIAL on the sign, but as I was to later learn, it was on the 32 (Bluebird/ElDorado, you just can't tell them apart). I then went home on 7047-82. It's radio died and the right side windshield wiper would NOT work. He took me as far as Appleby and Fairview. I then got on the 1 West, which by the way was 7035-06 (try to guess which New Flyer it was). I came back to Downtown Hamilton and the B-Line to University Plaza was waiting for my presence. In case you're keeping score it was 0611 (Artic). I soon went home in about 10-15 minutes. It was a good day/night. Thanks for reading Chris
  18. Is the factory outlet near the factory? Can you get there via the 8?
  19. OH! It was from the Voortmans plant. I knew I smelled baked goods, which I thought was an ablazed bakery. Mind you, it was dark at 5:30!!! I was "Toucan Sam"ing it. Following my nose for those who get the reference. And Invero, if 9 Classics are retired, that would wipe them out right?
  20. So I decided to do some shopping in Burlington. I started in Dundas on HSR 9720 (Nova) and got on the 1 East to Appleby GO. It was 7066-91 (Orion V). When I got to Appleby GO, which smelled like cake I might add (due to the factory on the North end of the Station), what was on the 8 Harvester? 7047-82!!!!!! Alice (BT driver ) called Dispatch from 7040-07 and inquired about it's (7047) whereabouts. I was giddy because I had not rode a Fishbowl since HSR retired them in 1997. The driver let me take a picture of it (albeit blurry) during RUSH HOUR!!! I sat at the back and listened to the 6V71 engine do it's thing. Youtube just doesn't do this bus justice! It was a wonderful experience and she was cool with it although I apologized for snapping it during Rush Hour. I even told Leslie (driver of 7047), "You have succeeded in making a transit enthusiast very happy!" I took it to B-GO where I proceeded to hop up and down excitedly. Calming down I caught 7019-03 (Invero) on the 2 Brant-South to downtown where I caught 7021-03 (Invero) on the 10 New-West to Mapleview Mall, where I proceeded to do my idea shopping. I hope you enjoyed this fanning tale. I shall bring you more on either this page or the HSR page.
  21. Weird/Perplexing sighting today. It was HSR DuPont Trolley replica #71 on King Street in Downtown DUNDAS!! Why was it there? I wish i had my camera/phone so I could snap it.
  22. I just came up with some awesome ideas for new BT routes: 73 Radial Railway. (B-GO to HCRR) 14 RBG/Aldershot (Arboretum to Aldershot GO|Summer only) 17 Lowville (B-GO to Lowville) 18 Sutton Drive (Appleby GO to First Pro Mall via Sutton) 64 Sutton GO Special (Appleby GO to Pathfinder and Bluegrass) 19 Dundas Street (Aldershot GO to Dundas and Tremaine) 20 Mall Link (Mapleview Centre to Hopedale Mall) 21 Confederation Park (Downtown Terminal to Wild Waterworks loop|Summer only) These are just a few routes I've come up with. I can accept all of your criticisms and critiques.
  23. In BT news, Elaine (BT driver) told me when I was fanning that: A: There are new buses in the yard without decals (my guess: D40LFRs) B: 7047-82 is still running. It was not retired as of November 1st like originally reported. YAY!!
  24. On my fanning trips to Burlington, I have gotten waves, honks and generally friendly drivers. They love to chat with me and I them. Do you recommend fanning on YRT? What systems should I avoid?
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