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  1. Is 7176 retired now? That would be very perplexing as it's a 2017 unit. Or could it have been transferred to the parking shuttle or L'Inter service?
  2. That would be nice to see. Maybe they can also invest in some SuperLiner coaches for the Canadian or Ocean.
  3. Lowering the fares and making an effort to increase the frequency would be a good start. The Canadian is an essential pillar. Mind you VIA's insistence on raising fares to that of an airline was a giant misstep.
  4. Well it was good that I got 6107 a couple weeks ago.
  5. Huh. So they executed a plan that was not thought out and expected there not to be backlash? Hmmmm....it's almost like this was doomed from the start. Oh and what's this I hear about Durham Region using taxis and, in some cases SOMEONE'S PERSONAL VEHICLE for this OnDemand disaster!?
  6. What's going to happen to the fleet? Will it be retained past the switchover or will they be given entirely new buses?
  7. Considering how much backlash there is, it's safe to assume that this is already a flop, even before it's been implemented. This is just service cuts disguised as a "service recovery strategy". Nobody asked for this, nobody wanted this and it will be an INSTANT failure, then the Region may be forced to backpedal on it.
  8. At what point will they realize that this OnDemand scheme isn't going to work? There's a reason they delayed it by a month. It was solely because of the backlash they (rightfully) received from angry residents. Spin it however you want but this is inevitably going to FAIL. Was all the backlash not enough?
  9. I see they learned nothing from the backlash they got. There's no way this plan will work.
  10. This helped immensely. I guess this will be the sole train that isn't going to be a Siemens set. Good for us railfans.
  11. One more question, when 85/88 come back, will it be double ended like the other trains on the Corridor or will it stay as its L2 arrangement?
  12. You say that but most of the trains running on the Corridor have been double ended for some time. For instance, 84 on Friday morning was led by 6402 at the head end and 907 trailed. I think it's acclimatization for operators for the new sets.
  13. Will 185/186 see increased service at the end of September? And when will the Windsor/London-Toronto side get increased? I'm also wondering if the Kitchener-Stratford-London milk run will also be double ended to prepare 85/88 for the Chargers or if that'll be the only HEP run along that part since the train usually consisted of two cars (usually L-HEP2-LRC).
  14. Because the towing company forgot to disable the retarder which caused the seized centre axle to ignite from friction.
  15. I love the lie of "Unexpected deployment issues". They can spin it all they want but this was never going to work. This is a desperate attempt to save face after they were lambasted on social media for cutting 2/3 of the route network and replacing them with ProMaster vans with DRT logos on them.
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