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  1. Chris W

    Oakville Transit

    I'll put that on the Wiki. Would you happen to know what they'd be numbered by chance?
  2. Hopefully everybody on the bus was okay. That's the main thing. Now onto the tone of your post. I had to revert the changes you made prior after getting confirmation from my HSR contact about the 0700s and 0600 hybrids, which you erroneously listed as retired. You also listed 932 as retired on February 12, 2020, which is a typo I have since corrected. Your attitude in the above post (particularly the beginning) is very defensive and I'd recommend changing it and double-checking your sources prior to posting.
  3. Methinks somebody in DRT management has ties with the taxi company running the OnDemand. They clearly don't want to reinstate the routes they cut.
  4. Imagine testing the BYD at ALL terminals before rushing them into service. Crazy concept I know.
  5. Well there's ONE benefit to cutting 40/57 routes I guess.
  6. Was it sold off or is it still part of Galland's roster? It doesn't make much sense to retire a three year old bus unless something catastrophic happened to it.
  7. I wonder how long it'll be staying there. I'm hoping one of the Calgary people could provide more information on this.
  8. Is 7176 retired now? That would be very perplexing as it's a 2017 unit. Or could it have been transferred to the parking shuttle or L'Inter service?
  9. That would be nice to see. Maybe they can also invest in some SuperLiner coaches for the Canadian or Ocean.
  10. Lowering the fares and making an effort to increase the frequency would be a good start. The Canadian is an essential pillar. Mind you VIA's insistence on raising fares to that of an airline was a giant misstep.
  11. Chris W

    Oakville Transit

    Well it was good that I got 6107 a couple weeks ago.
  12. Huh. So they executed a plan that was not thought out and expected there not to be backlash? Hmmmm....it's almost like this was doomed from the start. Oh and what's this I hear about Durham Region using taxis and, in some cases SOMEONE'S PERSONAL VEHICLE for this OnDemand disaster!?
  13. What's going to happen to the fleet? Will it be retained past the switchover or will they be given entirely new buses?
  14. Considering how much backlash there is, it's safe to assume that this is already a flop, even before it's been implemented. This is just service cuts disguised as a "service recovery strategy". Nobody asked for this, nobody wanted this and it will be an INSTANT failure, then the Region may be forced to backpedal on it.
  15. At what point will they realize that this OnDemand scheme isn't going to work? There's a reason they delayed it by a month. It was solely because of the backlash they (rightfully) received from angry residents. Spin it however you want but this is inevitably going to FAIL. Was all the backlash not enough?
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