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  1. It's great that the VMC Classic buses finally arrived. Any word on what these buses will be numbered?
  2. Is this replacing the 901 as well? And have the VMC Classic buses finally arrived?
  3. It would be nice if the article wasn't hidden behind an expensive paywall.
  4. Question for anybody in the know: Has GRT received the four Vicinity buses that they ordered for use on route 27?
  5. A couple of the 1900s have been seen on the Thunder Bay-Winnipeg route. 1903 and 1905 were seen and photographed outside Kenora.
  6. Will it still be using the XD40s?
  7. People will get confused by the cabs. There needs to be at least 3 ProMasters for every area that's lost service. Cabs are not acceptable in my mind.
  8. Any routes being reinstated from the unnecessary service robbery of 2020?
  9. I managed to catch Badder Bus Lines 117 running on Megabus schedule 2740 to London on Friday afternoon. For those interested, it's ex Cherrey Bus Lines 117
  10. There is now a third bus for use on the Windsor-Toronto route. It's a 35 foot TEMSA TS 35E, numbered 18. According to the VIN, it's ex Ontario Northland L1907, which was sent back to Damera Bus Sales some time in 2020. The driver of bus 20 (on the 16:30 Toronto-Ottawa route) told me that there is apparently a fourth unit numbered 21, which is another 35 foot unit.
  11. What will they be using on this On Request service? Will it be cutaways like in Edmonton or vans like in Niagara Region?
  12. In reading the Overland Custom Coach website, I have determined what this is. It's a Glaval Bus Commute body on a Ford Transit chassis.
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