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  1. Chris W

    Blue Water Transit (Port Huron MI)

    https://www.masstransitmag.com/bus/press-release/21045397/blue-water-area-transit-bwat-blue-water-area-transit-adds-eleven-new-buses-continues-clean-comfortable-dependable-transportation Apparently they're replacing 11 ARBOCs, presumably the 2010 ones if they haven't already done so. I'd need to get a fleet list to confirm this.
  2. Chris W

    Transit Windsor

    Bernie, did the rep say where it was going next after Windsor?
  3. Chris W

    Transit Windsor

    Beautiful. Thanks Bernie. I'm planning to head there on Friday and hopefully 7300 is out.
  4. Chris W

    Transit Windsor

    It's the one built for SEPTA. If one of the Windsor guys can get the full VIN, that would be much appreciated.
  5. Chris W

    Transit Windsor

    When? And should I make a trip there soon? It appears to be the SEPTA spec artic, which would be a hybrid.
  6. Is Exo Haut-Saint-Laurent using an actual bus (Autobus Dufresne cutaway) or are they continuing to use the minivan?
  7. Chris W

    Hamilton Street Railway

    The USB chargers are on the ceiling of the buses. Only the new XN60s have the USB chargers under the seats.
  8. Chris W

    Montreal realtime transit viewer

    If possible, may I request some of the Exo properties? Or do they use a different data feed?
  9. Chris W

    Changes to the application process

    Nevermind. I fixed it.
  10. Chris W

    CIT Sightings

    Out of curiosity, does Vallee Richelieu still run RTSes?
  11. @1604, has HSR given you the recent data feed? I ask because one of our Grande West Vicinity CNGs (1841) has been tracking as one of the ARBOC buses (1020) since it entered service on December 19th. Is it possible to switch it over manually? I figured I'd let you know this so there's no confusion.
  12. Chris W

    Burk's Falls and Huntsville

    I got the body right at least.
  13. Chris W

    Burk's Falls and Huntsville

    8810 appears to be a Goshen Impulse body. Interesting they bought that.
  14. Chris W

    Future of Flickr

    I would love to see that.
  15. Chris W

    Hamilton Street Railway

    I think every bus ordered from 2017 onwards will have them, even the Vicinitys apparently.