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  1. Chris W

    Ontario Northland

    This vehicle was their display model at OTE. It's a TEMSA TS 35E with the number L1907. I'm wondering if Ontario Northland is still planning on getting the J3500s that are on order. Would anybody know if/when they're due to show up?
  2. Chris W

    CitiBus (Watertown, NY)

    The cutaways are ARBOC Spirit of Freedoms by the look of it. Interesting that they got those.
  3. Chris W

    OC Transpo Rural Partners

    Have the Delaney buses retained their numbers and wraps for the routes they do now that they're with 417 Bus Lines? For instance, 901 (515 Cornwall) and 1801 (517 North Glengarry)?
  4. Chris W

    Buses for sale

    That would look good with a repaint back into the two tone NYCTA colours.
  5. Tuesday, bus 8462 entered service on a 16 piece.
  6. Chris W

    Grande West Vicinity

    It would make more sense getting the Enviro 200 here, as they are the 9m vehicle of choice in the Metrolinx Transit Procurement Initiative. However, Ottawa is not a part of that to my knowledge. As for the E200 here in Ontario, only two companies that are part of the Metrolinx consortium have actually purchased them, those being Orangeville and Simcoe County LINX. The Vicinity currently runs in Burlington (11), Cobourg (1), Orangeville (3, 2 demos, 1 production), Oakville (14), Midland (1), Simcoe County (4), Welland (2) and Hamilton (5+6 on order=11). In terms of customers in the province, Grande West outnumbers Alexander Dennis. My question is, where would the city put 30 foot buses if they were to order them? I didn't think there were enough low ridership feeder routes to warrant purchasing them.
  7. Chris W

    Port Hope Transit

    Chimnissing uses a standard ProMaster van with the standard door.
  8. Chris W

    OC Transpo Rural Partners

    It actually does. It's numbered 177 and it's a Ford F650 with a Grech Motors GM40 body. It looks like it is a used unit as well.
  9. Chris W

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Nothing is confirmed nor is ordered for 2019 from my contact. I want to know where you got your information from.
  10. Chris W

    OC Transpo Rural Partners

    Does that have a fleet number?
  11. I think it's 8385 onwards. Also today buses 8449 and 8450 were spotted on two of the 47 branches. 8449 on 47H and 8450 on 47C.
  12. Chris W

    OC Transpo Rural Partners

    It wouldn't surprise me if they ordered a couple of buses as replacements for not only those Novas but also the older buses. Mind you, they only really go out twice a day so it's not as bad. Also what vehicles do the other smaller companies run on their routes? When I say that, I don't mean 417 Bus Lines which has the majority of them.
  13. Chris W

    OC Transpo Rural Partners

    I wonder what's going to happen to the vehicles. Specifically the Novas. Or perhaps they will renew the contract. Perhaps they're negotiating a deal. We don't know yet.
  14. Chris W

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    I'm noticing a trend here. How is a transit system supposed to grow if they keep cutting service? Oh right, I forgot. It's YRT. The contractors aren't getting paid so let's cut service. And they wonder why ridership is down. And it appears to me as if, once again, most of the cuts affect the North division.
  15. Chris W

    Blue Water Transit (Port Huron MI)

    https://www.masstransitmag.com/bus/press-release/21045397/blue-water-area-transit-bwat-blue-water-area-transit-adds-eleven-new-buses-continues-clean-comfortable-dependable-transportation Apparently they're replacing 11 ARBOCs, presumably the 2010 ones if they haven't already done so. I'd need to get a fleet list to confirm this.