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  1. Chris W

    Blue Water Transit (Port Huron MI)

    As far as I know, they are. They ordinarily run on the I-94 express route Monday to Friday.
  2. Chris W

    Burlington Transit

    https://www.burlingtontransit.ca/en/news-and-alerts/route-changes.aspx Here are the new changes as of November 4. I must say, I'm impressed. They're removing the nonsensical interlines of routes 5 and 80 and 6 and 11, put route 12 back to 30 minute frequencies and shifting the schedules of routes 11, 21, 25, 81 and 83 to accommodate train connections. This will help especially during the peak periods. I have also noticed that the ARBOCs are rarely used now. This doesn't surprise me as there's more than enough of the Vicinitys to cover the smaller ridership routes.
  3. Chris W

    Nova CNG demonstrators

    It would be a missed opportunity to not put a maple leaf in the middle of the white space.
  4. Chris W

    2016 Grande West Vicinitys

    It was an order of 137. It's almost as if they had no intention of ordering the Vicinitys past the two year trial. I have a feeling that the ones they had will be sold off to other places.
  5. Chris W

    Nova CNG demonstrators

    Has 8204 been repainted as well?
  6. Chris W

    2016 Grande West Vicinitys

    It seems as though they had no intention of keeping the Vicinitys past the two year lease. The giant ARBOC shuttle order further sealed it.
  7. Chris W

    Hamilton Street Railway Retired Buses

    Until I hear OFFICIAL word from HSR regarding the status of both buses, they're not retired as yet. Do not change the Wiki page until we get official word.
  8. Chris W

    Oakville Transit

    Once again, stop posting your inane rants. Stay on topic.
  9. Chris W

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    So XD60s for Conventional service, LFS Artic for VIVA. Interesting how they went with a split order.
  10. Chris W

    Grand River Transit

    Can you word this for someone who doesn't speak in emojis? Like....perhaps...normal people who post here?
  11. Chris W

    Oakville Transit

    And you felt you had to tell us all of this?
  12. Chris W


    Since it is under warranty, it's highly likely that it will come back. They'll probably have to build a new tail section for it since the one that's on it at present is pretty much destroyed.
  13. Chris W

    Belleville Transit

    It was leased from NovaBus in exchange for either 0559 or 0660 which are being refurbished offsite.