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  1. Tecumseh Transit

    It is indeed a Champion LF Transport. Is this number 3?
  2. Oakville Transit

    As ARBOC Specialty Vehicles sells both models, it doesn't affect the body of the bus itself. It will probably be the Spirit of Mobility though as that is what is usually ordered. The engine is not chosen by ARBOC but by General Motors when they build the cutaway chassis.
  3. Oakville Transit

    They discontinued the Duramax diesel engine that came with the Chevrolet 4500 if memory serves me.
  4. Tecumseh Transit

    If you could get a photo next time you see it, that would be terrific.
  5. Paperbus Thread

    May I please request the new MCI D45 CRT LE, preferably the blue MCI demonstrator that was at the APTA show in Atlanta?
  6. Burlington Transit

    Unfortunately not. The new marketing coordinator got it to the advertising agency too late for them to choose a bus. It's unfortunate but they will be working on one for next year.
  7. GO Transit

    To match the livery?
  8. Worst public vehicle ever!

    You rode the Orion IIIs did you? Oh and for me, it would have to be the NovaBus LFS Natural Gas buses that HSR has. Rough as a buckboard, rattles more than a child's toy and there's zero air recirculation beyond the rear doors.
  9. Guelph Transit Commission

    I believe the manufacturer uses the old programming software for delivery to make the sign work. The transit system programs it with the current software once it arrives.
  10. Orangeville Transit

    To elaborate further, it is the demonstrator unit that ran temporarily with Airdrie Transit after 3717 was resold to Grande West. It's a 2015 model. Knowing the numbering scheme, I'm guessing it will be numbered either 201501 or 201602. Of course, we won't know that for sure until they place a fleet number on it.
  11. uLinc (Lincoln Transit)

    And yet still no schedule to speak of. I think it must be unveiled tomorrow as Wednesday is the scheduled launch date.
  12. Feature Photo Submissions

    @1604 I would like to make a submission for the Feature Photo. In light of the recent retirement of high floor transit buses in the Greater Toronto Area, I would like to submit York Region Transit 306, at Yonge Street and Steeles Avenue, doing route 301 Markham Express. This photo was taken in May 2016.
  13. Feature Photo Submissions

    And @FlyerLFR, that's now three threads you've successfully derailed in one day. I didn't think that was possible. Enough is enough.
  14. Failed Photos

    That actually isn't too bad. I guess the bee wanted to be in the photo too.
  15. Burlington Transit

    Um....the 101 is the most popular route in the whole network. Cutting it would be a colossal mistake. Then again, it is Burlington we're talking about here. Seriously, who hires these people? It's also their own fault that ridership is down by constantly forcing restructuring down the riders' throats without consulting them first. Again, cutting the most popular route would be the final nail in the coffin. It make no sense at all to eliminate the 101 as that is used more often than the (often infrequent) 1X from Hamilton. It's a massive step backwards.