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  1. I’ve notice there’ve been more 40’ Gillig’s on the 80
  2. I’m curious. Where would one find such PDF’s like this one?
  3. Plymouth metrolink in Saint Paul?
  4. 61B on detour near my bus stop
  5. Again, stuck at school while the good things happen
  6. Rode 8013 on the 54/M today. Would of took some videos and photos but ofc didn't have my phone
  7. All the good stuff happens when I’m at school…
  8. The amount of nostalgia I have from seeing the 94 will stop on Snelling again
  9. XD60 8105 is on the 5. Don’t know if C line buses on local routes is that rare but it’s there
  10. I remember seeing one a month ago on the 61, there were two Artics on it that day, the D60 and the one I was on
  11. XDE40 7291 is on the 61 right now. Don’t know if it’s rare or anything but I almost never see anything but Gillig LF’s on it considering I live along arcade. makes me wish I wasn’t in school so I could ride it.
  12. Some D60 pictures I've taken in the last month, one was on Friday
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