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  1. 8051 no longer wrapped for Save-On, 8054 now wrapped for Capital One.
  2. Spotted in Country Village: First Student 52446, a Thomas Minotour with black window trim and US-spec “FIRST STUDENT” lettering. Where would that unit be from?
  3. You can use the reactions in the bottom right corner of every post instead of replying with that, just saying
  4. In the past month I have spotted 5790, 5812, 5823, 5824, 5825, 5832, 5833 and 5835 in service in the city. Still keeping an eye out for more new C2’s as they arrive.
  5. I mean, if married-pair railcars exist, what’s stopping anyone from making married-pair buses? Maybe that’s why CT hasn’t procured any artics lately, they’re still waiting for the debut of the new Arboc SOF27+27 “Twin Freedom”.
  6. I spotted something that matches that description on my way home today, I was wondering if it was new since the paint was still shiny. It went by on Country Village Road heading away from North Pointe.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiwBpcZpewh/?igshid=Y2ZmNzg0YzQ= 7941 was caught smoking, probably happened on Friday when it got replaced by 7743 around midday on a 66 block.
  8. Old Arboc spotted at the Beacon Heights (Centre St & 17th Ave NW) Safeway. Certainly looks CT-spec to me, I wonder which unit it used to be.
  9. That looks suspiciously similar to the 2020 LFSe+ that Translink demonstrated earlier this year…
  10. Indeed, I counted about ~61 buses that tracked today on Transit55.
  11. Found some interesting things in the Glenbow Museum's online archives. Here are photos of 1957 CD-52 #371 in a wash bay (presumably at the Eau Claire barns) a CD-52 carrying a banner for the 50th anniversary of transit in Calgary in 1959, some kind of Brill getting a taste of somebody's house in March 1954, and 1956 CD-52 #364 doing training in 1959.
  12. Little update on the Green Line progress, construction is occurring downtown to relocate utilities in preparation for the LRT.
  13. 7703, 7710, 7722, 7723, 7724, 7728, 7753, 7759 and 7773 are no longer listed on CT's online fleet list. However 7702, 7704, 7707, 7711, 7730, 7761, 7767, 7770, 7771, 7788, 7790 and 7795 also don't show up in spite of many of those being active recently or in service as I write this. I wonder what's going on there...
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