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  1. I don't know if it's good or bad news but 1851 is on the 76 right now, 1859 completed a 54/77/154 block on the 23rd and 1846 was on an 86/114 block today and changed off at 8:47 on a block running till 24:08.
  2. iPhone wouldn't cooperate with the later stages of daylight.
  3. 2008 D40LF #8044, one of many wrapped for Save-On Foods.
  4. 2005 D40LF turns left after completing a school run
  5. Congratulations to CAF! I wonder who the other bidders were?
  6. I posted about this in the Alberta Motorcoach section, but I thought I'd bring it up here too. Cold Shot Bus Service's fleet has me stumped, they seem to have a lot of these and I can't figure out what they are. (Edit: the photo's not mine by the way)
  7. Who produces the bodies for Cold Shot's Chev and Ford cutaways? I saw at least one photo of a low-floor model, possibly a Glaval Titan II LF? I don't recognise any of the other buses in images, which look like this:
  8. 1282 is currently plated BZW-2522, not BZM-2522 as the wiki claims.
  9. To add to what you've found, here's a page @BC_YYC recently sent me which I forgot to bring up. The Cold Lake website describes new gas-powered low-floor buses to replace the last Classics. https://www.coldlake.com/content/new-accessible-transportation-vehicle-increase-efficiency-improve-comfort-passengers
  10. Thread bump: will 8744 return to service after an accident like this?
  11. Found a fascinating video of New York in 1945, including several vintage buses. Spotted multiple Whites and Yellow Coach/GM's as well as possibly a Mack:
  12. North Pointe Terminal is getting some work done. It appears the highlight is a mini-transitway running right through the center of the current parking lot. Went by on Tuesday and they've already started ripping up the pavement. Currently they want to have it completed by spring 2022. The City of Calgary website has more information: https://www.calgary.ca/transportation/ti/transit-projects/north-central-brt-improvements.html?redirect=/northcentralbrt north-pointe-park-and-ride-improvements-sketch.pdf
  13. The stripe scheme on these looks good. Did any other buses use it or only the 30-foot fishbowls?
  14. Almost forgot but last Thursday I saw either 3029 or 3031 (a green Classic but it was too dark to see the number and I had to pay attention to the road) going from Anderson to Deerfoot. The 6V92 has such a good sound, I wish more buses sounded like that...
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