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  1. Outsider here, but I was scrolling through images and I couldn't help but notice a Classic (#959) in the yard at one of your garages. The wiki says it was retired in 2013. Anybody know why it was still around as of March 2020? Website where I found the image: https://www.saltwire.com/nova-scotia/news/union-calls-for-temporary-shutdown-of-halifax-transit-garage-after-worker-tests-positive-for-covid-19-429832/
  2. Are SD160's common on the Blue Line on weekends? I'm 99% sure I saw one leaving Martindale going southbound this afternoon.
  3. By the way, I passed by a short time ago (was on a bicycle so I couldn't get any pics) and the Nova artic at the Prevost dealer is #3731.
  4. Thanks, that makes more sense. Perhaps there should be an edit on the wiki to reflect that?
  5. Thread bump: Spotted 347 (Girardin G5) on Harvest Hills Blvd around 4 pm today. Looked a little rough (Ford lettering all broken off the grille, rust around the rear door, etc) but still running. Also, I could've sworn there was a post for Girardin G5 retirement but I can't find it. Anybody know where it is?
  6. 3717 has been showing up on Transloc despite being the property of Cape Breton since 2017.
  7. There's a reason for the YYC in my username, and you'll see it when you check my post history (which is all in the Calgary forum except for this thread). As a matter of fact I've never even traveled east of Saskatoon. I think you can rest assured that I am not an alt of SpadinaAve2134 or vancouvertransitfoam (or BC_YYC, although I am a close friend of his).
  8. The 744 Crescent Heights-Coventry South has changed- it now gets two 40-footers (typically 1 Spring Gardens & 1 Stoney) on the AM run, whereas it formerly had a 40-footer from either Spring Gardens or Stoney and a 60-footer (most likely from Stoney because I remember a lot of XD60's). Leads to some pretty crowded rides, but if there's a higher chance of riding D40LF's in the morning I'll be fine with it.
  9. I agree with @SpadinaAve2134 This forum is not a courtroom. Please don't throw around accusations and play judge. As a new member I thought the people on this forum were better than this.
  10. Technically the General Motors Diesel Division is still active, but now known as Nova Bus. Additionally I've heard that Flxible was developing a low floor model (either a conversion of the 870/Metro or an all new model), but the company who owned them at the time was falling apart and the brand was gone before anything could enter production. Accessibility regulations make it next to impossible to sell new high-floor transit buses. If Flxible and GM were to revive and start selling low-floor EV transit buses, without the problems that plagued the early 870/RTS models, that'd be pretty cool though
  11. Looking at the wiki you're right about 6374, I guess I remembered it wrong. I was thinking it could've been 6473 but there are no 6400-series buses.
  12. Spotted a short-length C2 (6374?) in Harvest Hills yesterday. C2's just don't look right when they aren't full-length...
  13. 6060 on Harvest Hills Blvd & 96th Ave, bus was dead and hazards were flashing. The day before, a Nova Bus did the same thing just east of North Pointe Terminal.
  14. 7998 (2007 D40LF) on the 86 this morning. Usually we only get Novas.
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