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  1. Yeah it works now, sorry, my computer may have just had a "moment"
  2. I tried to download the waiver in Firefox but it wasn't working and crashed the browser. This was in Firefox 3, anybody else have that problem? It works fine in Internet Explorer 7.
  3. Well I was out and about today and 8769 did a school special today and also ran the D96 Kanata. It must be in great shape if it was running the D96 lol. Also, the rear rollsign wasn't set properly, it might be jammed but the numbers are still there. We can just roll it manually if it is a problem. Thanks mike for making it possible!
  4. Doubt it. I saw 6351 today on the 98 at AM peak and 6361 on 97X at PM peak. Maybe just wasn't my day. Like how today I only saw LF during AM peak...
  5. I spotted 6380 as well at Hurdman, Have a picture too. Also so 6366 code 3'ed at Laurier. Got a picture but it's blurry so not bothering posting it. I saw MANY out yesterday but none today. Strange.
  6. saw 6370 out today this morning at riverside station out of service, it was just driving by and i didn't get to see the run number though. Neither a picture
  7. Yes I did, here is the picture I took of it.
  8. Then again, the most recent picture that I have of it is from June 6 so it may have been fixed by now. Anyways, let's stick to the subject.
  9. Every time I saw it it seemed to be all there. Maybe you just saw it when it was on blank or something. I know 8798's side rollsign doesn't work since there is a paper covering it
  10. Yeah, I think they are. They have a new control panel and the font appears to be different from the old Balios signs.
  11. Hey! I swear I am not on drugs! Maybe your imagination just isn't as vivid?
  12. HA! that Greyhound brought a whole new meaning to High Floor. Cogeno and I had to climb in basically to get in. The thing was on wood blocks.
  13. Well as most of you know, 4117 recently went up in flames. It was running route 6 at the time. Well I was curious to see as to what OC was going to do with. I went down to the St.Laurent garage today to take a look and what I saw was 4117 in one of the garage bays. From what I saw, the damage wasn't all that severe on the rear but I'm pretty sure that its rather burnt. I took a picture of what I could see. With it being in the garage, who here thinks that it will be either retired or rebuilt? Since it's in the garage I'm leaning to rebuilt. I've uploaded a picture of what I saw. Am I the only one that sees a Domokun face in it?
  14. t I personally find that the destination signs in the invero's are rather hard to read at times. Usually they are too faint. I found the balios ones on the new D60LF to be more visible, but then again they are brand new.
  15. Not sure about that... I think one might go for anywhere between $5000 and $15,000 CAD.
  16. Hey! I was that friend who showed you where that stuff was! I'll post the pictures I took up later as I am not home yet!
  17. I noticed today that on 9704 that they have replaced the lights about the rear door on the outside. They look like they are from a D60LF. Most of the rear exit lights are rusting quite a bit so I guess this is a fix for that. Here is a picture of the new Here is a picture of the old Has anybody else noticed this too?
  18. I myself have a G7 and it works great, It isn't to huge either. Only difference between it and the G7 is basically the G9 has more megapixels and RAW format and other little things that don't make a difference. I also have access to an S3 IS and it fairs quite well too.
  19. I can confirm that 9050 has been retired, saw it out at St. Laurent garage being parted out. http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn232/H...%20D40/9050.jpg You can't really see it but the engine is missing out of it. I have seen 9217 at Swansea missing it's windows infront of the rear doors. I don't have a picture of it quite yet but hopefully will soon.
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