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  1. Maybe they switched to the Axion due to it being horrendously hard to read the Horizons in the Invero. There is always condensation building up in there or something. It must also have something to due with the destination sign tilted downwards What was NFI thinking!
  2. Yeah it looks fine, it has a defunct transmission or something. Either way it isn't roadworthy so it must have excessive frame corrosion or something mechanical impairing it's operation.
  3. It wouldn't be a smart move to be buying used fishbowls at this state, considering how we have none in service and there for no spare parts if one breaks down. Fishbowl parts are not as readily available as other models due to it's age. I think OC should have bought classics and fishbowls[back until the fishes stopped production], just to add some variety to the fleet. Yes, I agree though that it would be nice to have some fishbowls back in Ottawa, just it wouldn't work economically anymore. Yes, it would work if we still had fishies in service.
  4. ALthough OC could get rid of it considering its not road worthy or even running. It's just sitting outside completely exposed, wasting away. They may have to get ride of it since they had[having?] a problem of where to put the gratuitous amounts of buses at the St. Laurent garage.
  5. Does anybody have any information regarding the incident involving 4299? I heard that it happened just that's about it!
  6. *Update* Apparently he has chartered 8769. I've talked to him and he has no route, no people attending and no idea the cost. Planned date: October 25
  7. For me, I would have to pick either 9111 or 8950 or 9007 [yes M.Wright, I'm attached to it too ]
  8. Some "so called" transit enthusiast is still thinking that we are getting DE40i *they aren't on this board*
  9. Yes they did buy a swamp buggy only to later sell it, I agree smart move. If the NG are anything like Toronto's, then they have a transmission. Every bus has a transmission. I think you are mistaking a CVT [Continuous variable transmission, basically one gear] for a conventional transmission.
  10. Thats not even an energy drink. It's an alternative to Diet Coke.
  11. Sitting in the back of a brand new D60LF and getting up and smacking my head on the ceiling. Everybody looked at me D:
  12. I have seen it. The newest one I have seen on the road so far is 6392. Didn't get a picture but was shocked to see it none the less. OC is in such demand for buses that 6360+ don't even have the transfer printer or GPS unit installed yet. The shortage is so bad that it is normal now to see D40's, V's and even saw a classic today! All on a weekend!
  13. Well I do know that they ordered them as well but we had the largest order of Invero's in the world. When you google "Invero" mostly OC one's show up I remember seeing it on the road with you and the "WHAT THE F***??!" thought we all shared
  14. The 123 doesn't serve St. Laurent anymore, even though they did update the route description anyways!
  15. I was just saying that LFR "COULD" of been a possibility and some other LFS's aren't rebuilt. I think 9728 isn't. I like how Ottawa has lots of variety when it comes to the fleet, hopefully it stays that way.
  16. Inveros suck. That's why they stopped making them. [that and how nobody bought them but Ottawa ] LFS sucks in general. So we were left with either the HEV NG or the DE40LF[R maybe?]. Either way, from riding TTC's NG's, I like the sound of then engines and it's layout is much better than both the Invero and D40LF's I've been on. Let's just hope it doesn't replace to many classic's or D40's. P.S. I don't think our swamp buggies are on the way out yet since they just rebuilt them!
  17. 8222 and 6101 no way are road worthy. Who would want to charter a LF anyways.
  18. I spotted the HEV NG demo today with Point55. Its in between St.l north and south if you want to see it.
  19. Well overall we are just going to wait an see if this new joint can hold up against the winter. All the other D60LF have failed in the past in the winter so who knows how this will go. Also, I hear many Code 3's for D60LF have the "Maximum Angle" light on the dash and/or "Joint Fail", all while moving in a straight line
  20. I'm pretty sure it's not. It hasn't been on the road in ages. It just sits there in Swansea... Poor thing really. I think it had something wrong with it's starter last time I heard. It's most likely got a host of problems. The same thing goes with 8222, the GM Artic we have sitting outside too. Just 8222 has a dead tranny and engine. Bottom line, OC doesn't give a rat's ass about its buses.
  21. Thanks Mike for the great charter! Looking forward to the next one
  22. Damn, you busted me and I even showed you the picture before posting here xD
  23. Well here is a picture that I dug up. Anybody wanna take a guess when it was taken?
  24. Hopefully they send it through the bus wash! I saw 8769 right after itwas repainted and boy did it look nice! It would be nice to have it clean and not a film of dirt on it. Also, lets hope the rollsign doesn't jam D:
  25. Hehe, I helped you out on that one, 9038 is looking good with no rust, well visible!
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