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  1. Basically the cause for the early retirement of the '91/'92 5ers.
  2. I was on 8796 in July and it was doing great. Looks can be deceiving. I don't think OC judges by mechanical though unless something is seriously broken.
  3. 1007 was the only D40LF I rode while visiting Halifax From what I saw, the LFS are peak only? I could be wrong.
  4. I don't know why they would retire those two as they both from my perspective were in better condition than the other 87's other than 8769. Then again, OC seems to retire at random, good condition or not.
  5. 9203 was retired recently as JCL said. Yesterday I spotted a GM at JP and somebody told me today that it was 8798. I have no confirmation though.
  6. those shredie commercials where they advertise it as a diamond instead of a square are so frustrating. IT IS THE SAME THING JUST ROTATED! Now they even offer a combo pack where you can get both sqare AND diamond shreddies, ALL IN THE SAME BOX!
  7. Don't think it could fit under the overpass at Smyth station but I could be wrong
  8. Anybody seen the Koodo mobile adds? They drive me INSANE!
  9. 8769 [Oldest bus in service, 1987 GM Classic to 9203 [1992 NFI D40] 8769: Hey man, seems you got demoted? 9203: yeah, last run for me was a school one. Sucks. 8769: I've been living the lif lately with a nice charter under my belt and new floor and oh I could go on and on! 9203: grumbles 4117 [1999 Orion VI] to 6118 [2002 NFI D60LF] 4117: i see you have joined the club 6118: SCREW YOU, YOU GET TO BE REBUILT! I JUST GET TO SIT HERE AND ROT! [both buses were burst into flames recentlly]
  10. no way it can clear the bridge at the rehab. No space. Back when the 106 was the 85 St. Laurent, it had a D60LF EVERYDAY, ALL THE TIME! [other than Sunday Service:P] Now with the 106, they are serving the load of an artic with a 40 footer and cut service in half [106 comes every 30 while the 85 used to be every 15] Makes just so much sense to me [Also the 98 [old 84] got upgraded to an artic only route for god knows why when it was operating perfectly fine with a 40 footer. Also service here is hindered due to the change of the route causing MASSIVE confusion and lack of service to Hurdman in one direction.
  11. Don't they have the last classic ever? 9705. Either them or Halifax Metro Transit.
  12. Pretty sure that I am autistic. Doctors have speculated it since I was like 2 years old. I seem to noticed the most little things that nobody else seems to... No matter what it is.
  13. Most likely since that is where the wheelchair ramp is, although it is bolted to the floor. ---------- Although the Invero may seat as much as a high floor. Th e seating arrangement is inferior to that of high floor and the amount of space seems to decrease. I'm 6 feet tall and find it hard to sit in most seats on low floors, if not impossible actually in some seats on an Invero. Some high floors are a tad cramped too but at least you have the option to sit in a place with more space [the back benches]
  14. Our LFS's should say "Wave hand infront of door so you look like an idiot when it doesn't open"
  15. Knowing OC, it'll get junked sooner or later. They could care less.
  16. OC doesn't care about the old buses. They didn't save a fishbowl and those things served for ages at OC. The historic buses will most likely be going to the crusher soon due to the fact they don't have money or space for them.
  17. the '91/'92 Vs are gone. 9126 is sitting in a junk yard and there is a 92xx sitting in JP. The rest are long gone. Swansea is also full of 6er's being rebuild from the last time I was there. Also the odd D60LF and other random buses.
  18. They seem to be selling some of the hybrid 6er's on eBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/_Buses__199...d=p4506.c0.m245 Thats the link for the add and it states in the description that they will have more up for sale. I guess this is a way for MTA to offload the old fleet.
  19. 6390, 6391, 6393 have been spotted by me
  20. I once had a sub names Mr. Fancy. He was pretty chill. He let us do what we wanted. This was in grade 8 and back at my old school, we weren't aloud to call them substitutes and had to call them "Guest Teachers" The best part was, he rapped a song for the class.[he made it up on the spot, too] No idea he could do that....
  21. My timetable is sorta weird, I know I'm late responding to this Start off the day with auto, then history,lunch, math, science. boring boring boring! Oh well! I like the location of my school. It's along a major road and if I go right, I get to OC Transpo's main garage and if I go left I get direct access to the transitway!
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