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  1. Done it, Hope it helps! -Matthew :angry: Complete.pdf Complete.pdf Complete.pdf Complete.pdf Complete.pdf
  2. I know that there is a thread for desktop screen captures but this is something different. Here you list a picture of your computer+desk and then list specs of it or if you do not know it, don't worry about it :angry: How to find out: Windows XP: Start>My Computer>View System Information Windows Vista: Start>Computer>View System Properties Mac OSX: Apple Logo Menu>About this computer. Here is an example: Antec Solo Case Antec NeoPower 650W PSU Asus P5K-E Motherboard Corsair 2gb DDR2 800 Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.0gHz Seagate Baracuda 7200.11 500gb Hard Drive XFX nVidia 9600GT 512mb LG DVD-RW with LightScribe. Assembled by me Looking forward to your responses!
  3. The picture I took of it on the tow truck is it on St. Laurent road, right infront of 1500.
  4. Any pictures and I saw 8935 on a tow truck today Also, Orion 05.501 9818 appears to have fire damage to its engine as well as NFI D40i 4267 missing its front wheels!
  5. They may have been installing the GPS and tracking software in it as that company deals in telecommunications as well.
  6. I'm going to do my best to make it out there!
  7. IIRC, there were no stops along it. There was nothing backing onto this road other than a park when it was in service. I remember when this thing used to operate [its literally almost right beside my house]. It was SO dangerous with all the kids playing in the park. Funny thing is, it never saw a low floor. It closed right before Ottawa go their first order of Low Floors! The road stayed abandoned for many years. It was then bought by the city and they carved the road into a sorta pathway for pedestrians and bikes. The entrance to it has no been demolished and a parking lot is there now.
  8. http://maps.google.ca/maps?hl=en&q=441...&iwloc=addr
  9. Its not nighttime but it may count?
  10. Last school year, there was a huge problem of people calling in "fake" shoot-up-the-school calls. My school had about 4-5 lockdowns because of this. Another school had roughly 21 lockdowns. At oru school, we had a problem with idiots pulling the fire alarm deliberately. It happened so frequently and around the same time that when it didn't happen, people thought something was up We had 56 pulls last year IIRC and so far about 9 so far this year.
  11. 80.1 at the ESSO in my area.
  12. Maybe I'll head out to Arnprior this weekend and see if I can take a look. OC 8238, did you need to make an appointment to go in or what?
  13. I'm 6', 6'1". I already almost bang my head getting out the front door of classics
  14. Amazing reaction: a few good ones from today:
  15. On Ring Road. 106/16 Stop in front of the Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario.
  16. Could this possibly be 8768 that got sent to Guelph?
  17. Sounds like some thing I would do, oh, I just did
  18. 5001 apparently has been sent back for bad wheel bearings or something but this is from an untrusted source so who knows.
  19. Slipping and falling like an old man during class change in the hall at school. I did not see that puddle of liquid!
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