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  1. So the frame hasn't been checked... okay, well good luck with that!
  2. Minor body damage from looking at it or have you actually put a laser to it to see if its straight..
  3. ...and this is the real difference between a 'Technician' and a 'Mechanic'
  4. Why would you bother breaking the sulfation?! Its not that hard to source batteries and the batteries in that Orion V need a good charge.
  5. I wouldn't consider it obsolete. Sure, its older, but look around, not every company can afford to have a modern fleet. Disc brakes are still not standard on most transit buses these days so S cam drum brakes are nowhere near obsolete.. There is a reason why this stuff is still taught, because chances are you'll run into it in the field. As for batteries, 8D isn't anything special and for CCAs it isn't a huge deal to use a battery of lower or greater CCAs. As for 12v vs 24v, all it takes is a cable to run the batteries in series as I think has been posted before me by bus_medic.
  6. Why bother mention the 'situation' if you aren't going to say what it is anyway?
  7. hey everybody i was wondering how many new 211xx GRT is getting
  8. An ice cream would go well with that song!
  9. I see your ISX and raise you a Cummins QST30. I don't see this as too feasible and B4500!?
  10. The ramps are all there in STO's 2nd Gens, they just have been disabled. I would be definetly interested in OC Transpo's LFS from OC Transpo, if I were a transit system. They have been rather reliable to be honest, how many times did you see one being towed? Not often. Rebuilt only once, where are you getting your information?! You think we have money to rebuild buses multiple times? Yes the axles are not of your typical 1st gen, they were Meritor as opposed to ZF which was ever so popular. The Cummins C8.3 is a bulletproof motor, it'll run forever and is simple to maintain with it being all mechanical. The biggest fallout was the ZF transmission, slap an Allison in there and it would of been one of the best buses in the fleet. As for the axles being the same as the older buses, they are quite different, albeit made by the same manufactuer.
  11. It comes on at random and is flipping annoying is what it is. OMG! Me too!!!1!
  12. What, do you just stand there and watch whats going on? You may need to invest in some better binoculars for when you're peering through the fence by the garage.
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