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  1. Not to be nit picky but it would be nice to specify what model of H3 series of bus when linking images, be it an H3-40, H3-41 or H3-45. Nice shot of that white Unijoy tours H3-41, it looks good for its age. I'm looking for help identifying the original owner of this bus, it is a 1992 H3-40 powered with an 8V92TA and an Allison HT-740. Attached is an image of what i can see are it's old colours. I should note that the cladding on the lower panels is black, although unsure if it was like this before or was painted this way during its repaint. I can provide the VIN if needed, have to dig it up.
  2. I think it makes zero sense with the Transitway, the volume of buses is slow as is, do they need to make it any slower?
  3. There is an interlock that prevents the bus from moving when it is lowered... I doubt you've ever seen the underside of a bus but there is a skid plate under that corner of the bus specifically to prevent damage in the event that the edge of the bus comes down on the curb, there would be no damage to the bus and things like this happen more often than you can imagine.
  4. I'm sure the operator would be pleased if he knew you were keeping track of his every move.
  5. Its safe to say that you've been "waiting for this moment for months"
  6. 0.2L displacement difference will not really make any sort of difference... Let alone that S50G will be working harder anyways. EDIT: I think you may have been refering to the physical dimensions then yes the S50G is a taller engine.
  7. Yes but LNG has a lower calorific value than that of diesel. Say in theory one bus has a 100 Gallon tank of diesel and another has a 100 Gallon tank of LNG. The diesel bus will go much further on that same volume of fuel. If the LNG bus has a smaller tank than that of a diesel it must be a fairly low range vehicle... having a roof mounted tank gives all that much more than having a teeny tiny tank in that small space above the engine. Logistically, I find LNG far inferior to that of diesel, but for the sake of the topic the roof mounted tanks are a better design.
  8. How can you know for sure? Or are you assuming?
  9. Where does the tank go then? It must be small!
  10. Yeah thats the one. I also want interior pics please and thank you. I can only imagine that roof mounted would be more accessible for maintenance, let alone its farther away from the main heat source, aka the engine. The bus would likely be more balanced with it centered on the roof anyways. This is just like, my opinion though. Not like I know much about anything mechanical anyways.
  11. I'd like to see some pictures of these rear mounted CNG tank buses.
  12. What is the point of keeping track of this? All the artics get racks and the same Inveros get racks...
  13. It may be old but if it is still working the way you need it to then why bother finding another program...
  14. How come to board looks different? I don't like it!!!!! :angry: We should start a petition to get the old board back!
  15. Why go with something new to the market instead of using something tried and true and built on our own soil? Who have you seen using the Nissan NV for anything?
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