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  1. 8096 returned to route today, after almost 4 months of not running.
  2. Not delivered yet I'd assume, I had actually frequently checked TransSee for 7017's appearance expecting it to be the next unit delivered.
  3. 7019 was delivered to the Total Transit yard today, so I'll assume 6492 is retired as a result since it was last online on the 15th.
  4. 8106, along with a good few other buses, currently have been sitting at the First Transit yard for a few months.
  5. 7016 entered service today for a PM run on the 573.
  6. Update: It would definitely have to be 6492 because 6500 was on route today.
  7. It could also be 6492, given that it was last online over a week ago.
  8. Looks like 6495 and 6498 are relisted for auction this month, although they are now shown without any Valley Metro branding.
  9. I thought 4515-4517 might've been retired, but they all went online again today after two months. Also 1594 still appears to be kicking although it hasn't been on route since February.
  10. Does anyone here know 5109's whereabouts? It was last online in July after a fatal accident and I have no idea if it was retired or is being fixed.
  11. Makes sense. It was last tracked a few weeks ago.
  12. 6495 and 6498 were retired and auctioned.
  13. I'd say raise the miles on the LFRs, because some of them have less than 400K.
  14. It hasn't been tracked on TransSee yet, so I assume not yet.
  15. SIX D40LFRS ON THE ZOOM TODAY! I think this will be most of the remaining D40LFRs' fates.
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